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Boston Tech Jam: DataCrowd wins Pitch Heard ‘Round the World

The sold out Boston Tech Jam, a block party for Boston-area companies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and students, was tonight in The Innovation District.  Two featured events were “The Pitch Heard ‘Round The World” and “University Startup Lane.”  Overall, it was a beautiful night with a creative carnival feel, including good live music, drinks, and beer pong.  Sadly, there weren’t any pitches about medical or healthcare innovation.

“The Pitch Heard ‘Round The World” was won by C.J. Acosta, who is a super friendly and energetic co-founder of DataCrowd.  Congratulations!

CJ Acosta Data Crowd

Co-founder Mark Lorion giving the grand prize to C. J. Acosta

C.J. Acosta tells us about being a proud Boston start-up!

Though the pitches didn’t have any healthcare innovation, University StartUp Lane did.

University StartUp Lane

Nonspec is solving a very interesting problem–the fact that children outgrow their prosthetic.  Instead of buying a new prosthetic every time, Nonspec proposes building a prosthetic that grows with the child!  Their mission is to design, develop, and deliver low-cost durable prosthetics for devloping nations.

Tucker Hollady NonSpec

Tucker Holladay and Kerrielle McDermott demonstrating their adjustable prosthetics.

The well-known EyeNetra was represented by Rahul Modi, lead project engineer.  They have a light-weight binocular-like gadget produced on a 3D printer that recommends the power for your eyeglasses or contact lenses instantaneously.

Rahul Modi EyeNetra

Rahul standing with the machine they’re trying to replace.

Gentoo, a 2013 Mass Challenge Finalist, presents their innovative garments for holding medical equipment, such as infusion equipment.

Ben Nadeau Gentoo

Ben Nadeau, CEO and electromechanical engineer.

ExtraLife combines gaming with raising money for children’s hospitals!

Kristin Schiff Extra Life

Kristin Schiff with ExtraLife.

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

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