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Cancer Care Hackathon- About with Lena Liu, biomedical engineer wonder!

This is the first hackathon hosted by the Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care.  The Center is about one year old and was created by a National Institute of Health grant called the Point-of-Care Technologies Research Network (POCTRN).  The director of the center is Catherine Klapperich, PhD.

At only 22-years-old, Lena Liu is the biomedical engineer research and administrative wonder who was the workhorse and creator of the Create to Innovate for Cancer Care Hackathon.

The Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care focused on the identification, prototyping and early clinical assessment of innovative point of care technologies for the treatment, screening, diagnosis and monitoring of cancers.  They aid investigators in the assessment of early stage technologies in terms of clinical needs, market demands, setting appropriateness and commercialization strategies.

The Center has 6 goals:

  1. Enable and Foster Clinician/Engineer Partnerships. All Center projects will have Clinician/Engineer teams, regardless of the stage of the research.
  2. Perform Clinical Needs Assessments and Impact Analysis.
  3. Leverage Boston University’s Alpha Prototyping Core Facility to Fabricate Alpha Prototypes.
  4. Leverage the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation’s (FCMI) Beta Prototyping Facilities to Make Fully Functional Prototypes for Clinical Testing.
  5. Offer Training and Networking Opportunities for Center Stakeholders.
  6. Promotion of POC Technologies for Cancer Nationally and Internationally.

The Alpha Prototyping Core is part of the Center.

Using small transdisciplinary teams, rapid prototyping technologies, and unique access to field-testing sites, the Alpha Prototyping Core Labgenerates viable devices for small-scale demonstrations in as little as three weeks.

An alpha prototype is a prototype that might “work like” or “look like” the final product, but usually not both.  The value of an alpha prototype is in convincing funders that the idea is workable, creating a visualization for potential users, and in design iteration.

The Alpha Prototyping Core Lab provided some fun toys for the hackers to use.  Here she explains the 3D printer.

The Alpha Core Lab is looking for new and innovative ideas to fund.  So all inventors and innovators please apply!

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Jennifer M. Joe, MD

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