Team RightByte, 1st place winner at Hacking Pediatrics- Start-up to watch!

Today, at Boston Children’s Hospital’s first ever Hacking Pediatrics, RightByte took first place.  This team was led by Elizabeth Hait, MD, MPH and Tara McCarthy, MS, RD, LDN.  Dr. Elizabeth Hait is an Attending Physicians and Instructor of Pediatrics in the Gastroenterology Nutrition department at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Tara McCarthy is a Clinical Nutrition Specialist also in the Gastroenterology Nutrition department at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Not only did they win the Hacking Pediatrics grand prize, but they also won fan favorite, a testament that this was a validated choice.

Both Dr. Hait and Ms. McCarthy spend a lot of time educating their patients about food allergies and food intolerances.  Their patients are always asking for a “Go To List” of recipes that follow the diet they are prescribed, but currently there is no place on the web for this.  Both Dr. Hait and Ms. McCarthy have spent years accumulating a list of over 1,000 tasty recipes that are categorized by food allergy.  At Hacking Pediatrics, they found the team of programmers, start-up experts, and business and marketing geniuses that would allow them to launch.

Who are the members of Team RightByte!  Listen to them introduce themselves and tell the inspiration for the team.

Dr. Michael Docktor tells us what makes a great health start-up team.  Team RightByte tells us about their experience and their excitement to launch the new company that was envisioned in just 36 hours.


(Written by Jennifer Joe, MD,,

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

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