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MassMEDIC MedTech Investors Conference

Last week MassMEDIC, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council hosted the annual MedTech Investors Conference at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus. The event brings together emerging medtech companies, investors and executives from several public companies in the region.

This year, 18 emerging companies presented for 10-minutes about their technology, while leaders from public companies including Abiomed, Bard, Boston Scientific, J&J Innovations and Teijin Pharma outlined their approach for addressing new technologies.


Emerging company presentations are outlined briefly here, but please check out their websites to learn more – all of these companies have amazing novel ideas!

1. Harvard Apparatus is developing tissue engineering scaffolds for regenerating tracheas with a patient’s own bone marrow. They have already successfully completed 10 human surgeries.

2. Etiometry applies algorithms to interpret patient data in real-time, combining fragmented data to help clinicians better understand the whole picture of a patient’s condition.

3. Nine Point Medical utilizes optical coherence tomography to provide clinicians with real-time high resolution volumetric images of tissues. The technology will help improve biopsy targeting and assessment of suspicious tissues.

4. CSA Medical  has developed a liquid nitrogen treatment for esophageal cancer. The touch-less flash freezing destroys cells, but preserves underlying collagen for improved regeneration of health tissue.

5. UV Therapeutics has a light-based therapy for the treatment of lupus.UVA light has systemic immune-modulating effects which cause activity of the autoimmune disease to drop significantly after 3-4 weeks of treatment.

6. Vittamed has a neat non-invasive tool for measuring intracranial pressure by assessing the opthalmic artery. Currently, performing a measurement of ICP involves drilling a hole in the skull.

7. SubQ It! combines the ease of surgical stapling with the tissue-friendliness of bioabsorbable sutures in a bioabsorbable skin stapling system.

8. NeuroQore applies therapeutic magnetic pulses to the brain, and has application in cognitive and psychiatric disorders.

9. Cellanyx Diagnostics has developed a novel chip for diagnosing prostate cancer by observing how biopsied cells behave on engineered surface features. Awesome idea!

10. Organ Solutions leverages technology developed at Mass General Hospital to recover 25x more viable cells from discarded human and rat livers than was previously possible. Currently the cells are used for research purposes.

11. MẌ Orthopedics has engineered a novel coating for orthopaedic implants that expands in situ to increase bone-implant fixation during hip and knee implant procedures.

12.  Little Sparrows Technologies has developed a low-cost ‘bili-hut’ that delivers blue light phototherapy to newborns with jaundice. 

13. GestSure Technologies wants to help surgeons view images during surgery without the need for scrubbing in and out. The devices using motion tracking of the hands to allow surgeons to manipulate a computer without touching anything.

14. Allurion Technologies is developing a next-generation gastric balloon to promote weight loss.

15. Metactive Medical presented on a new technology for improving outcomes from peripheral vascular occlusion in treating cerebral aneurysm.

16. Respiratory Motion has identified a need in better monitoring respiration performance following surgery. Their technology utilizes sensors placed on the patient’s chest.

17. InfoBionic has a platform solution for remote cardiac monitoring which allows the physician to decide when and where a diagnosis is made.

Best of luck to all of the presenting companies!


Article written by Shannon Moore, PhD

shannon@medtechboston.com | @ShannonMoorePhD

Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore

    Shannon is an Associate Consultant at DRG Consulting, where she helps clients in the life sciences approach strategic problems. As a new-comer to Boston, she's very excited about all of the medical innovation happening in her neighborhood, and loves learning about the people and resources that make it so vibrant. Shannon also holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering where she studied the biomechanics of bone regeneration. She can be reached at shannon@medtechboston.com.

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