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Boston Blue Button Innovation Challenge: Meet the winners- ArmMe, HOMEfield, PreventativeHealthTools.com, and SimplyID


The Organizers! Andrea Ippolito, Co-leader of MIT H@cking Medicine, Adam Wong with ONC, Rohan Jotwani, Board Member of Tufts MedStart, Maria, Brian Like, Co-founder of TuftsMedStart, Eric Schwaber, Co-Founder of Tufts MedStart, Mayur Patel, Co-founder of Tufts Medstart, Mahima Vijay, Board Member of Tufts MedStart, Paran Yap, Board Member of Tufts MedStart, and Joe Jabre, MD, MBA, Director of the Tufts MD/MBA program

This weekend saw teams form from different perspectives and quickly learn to work together around a common goal. The pitches were on par with Shark Tank! It was really exciting to watch these teams present their innovative ideas.

Andrea Ippolito, Eric

Andrea Ippolito, Co-leader of MIT H@cking Medicine, Eric Schwaber, Co-founder of Tufts MedStart, and Brian Like, Co-Founder of Tufts MedStart

There were 15 total teams that competed in the final pitches.

  1. BlueGenes
  2. Team Health Watch
  3. ArmMe
  4. preventativehealthtools.com
  5. HOME field
  6. CanCan
  7. Sugarfly
  8. ShareNet
  9. SimplyID
  10. Predictive Analytics Tools for Seniors
  11. BluLife
  12. HIE of One
  13. Continuity
  14. Vitals
  15. Visit-to-Visit

There were four winners, all equally inspiring.

Team ArmMe

Team ArmMe

The Blue Button Award, for the team that best utilized the blue button technology to empower patients to use their health data, went to ArmMe, who won $500 and free admission to the Health Datapalooza June 1-3 in Washington, DC. Team members were Sandra Raup, Danny Kent, Jaclyn Dunphy, Henry Paik, Jack Whelan, Ethan Segal, Shayna Yong, and Angel Municio.

ArmMe creates a simple visualization of a patient’s care plan for patients and caregivers that focuses on health literacy, simplified communication and patient empowerment.  This application integrates with medical devices to allow patients to monitor their health and help create a clearer picture of their health. Basic access to the app is free for consumers and will generate revenue through information plug ins from various product and service companies.

The MedStart Award for the team with the best pitch went to HOMEfield, who won $500. HOMEfield offers a mobile app that implements a head injury diagnostic test including eye tracking. This allows more accurate diagnosis by untrained front-line individuals. The team members were pharmaceutical consultant Chris Sanders, brain injury researcher Matthew Doiron, statistician at BlueCross Ned McCaque, engineer Paul Huibers, and physician and sports concussion specialist Tanzid Sham.

The Most Likely to Suceed, an award sponsored by Withings, went to PreventativeHealthTools.com. This award goes to the team with a project that presents a business plan that the judges view as most sustainable and able to produce a profitable company.

PreventativeHealthTools.com buildt a web based tool for primary care doctors to improve their ability to recommend preventive care to patients. In the future this will tie into EMRs (with Blue Button) and expand in other directions to improve patient education and care. The team members are first year medical student at Tufts Michelle Qui, software developer Rich Brown, and primary care physician Bryan Bordeaux.


Physician Entrepreneur in Residence at the Harvard iLab Mahek Shah, Rohan Jotwani, and Team SimplyID before the winners were announced.

The Most Disruptive Innovation, an award sponsored by AthenaHealth, went to SimplyID. This award goes to the project that presents an idea that will change healthcare in a significant and innovative way. SimplyID creates a safe and simple patient tracking and electronic health record beacon through a Bluetooth LE-enabled patient wrist band. Team members are Xining He, Lauren Arbetman, Lev, and Ioannis Smanis.

Adam Wong, the Management and Program Analyst at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, part of the Division of Science and Innovation in the Office of Science and Technology, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), was very impressed with the turn out, the ideas, the diversity, and the unity of the event.

Congratulations to everyone!

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

    My passion is healthcare optimization, whether that is with innovation, making scientific discoveries, or improving delivery. I love bringing people and ideas together and making projects work. With this, medicine exists to improve lives, and I will strive to always help patients and those around me.

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