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Mobilize, Organize, Analyze & Catalyze: Qualcomm Ventures’ Jack Young, Head of Qualcomm Life Fund, Explains his Investment Strategy

Last week at South by Southwest Interactive, MedTech Boston’s Editor in Chief Jennifer M. Joe, MD sat down (literally) with Jack Young, head of the Qualcomm Life Fund, to ask him about the hot technologies and companies in MedTech

Jack Young, Head of the Qualcomm Life Fund, a $100 Million fund investing in healthcare IT startups, was kind enough to give MedTech Boston an hour of his time to discuss Qualcomm’s vision for the future of healthcare in a connected world.

Since we were at South by Southwest Interactive, where amenities like sofas and chairs are hard to come by, we chose a (somewhat) quiet corner and sat down on the floor, cross-legged in a circle “Southwest Style” to talk health, tech, money and the future.

Jack walked us through his vision of the convergence of information technology, health and medicine, which he broke down into four phases.

  1. Mobilize
    The first phase is to convert all of the health monitors into mobile, wearable and networked devices. This goes beyond Fitbits to heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, EEG, pulse oximetry and other devices. Today many patients take these readings using at-home devices that are not networked. The first phase is to connect all of these devices to the mobile network.
  2. Organize
    The next phase is to take all of this networked data and aggregate, organize and transcode it so that upstream providers can receive multiple data streams from multiple devices using a common API.
  3. Analyze
    The third step is to apply big data analytics techniques to this huge wealth of data by correlating it to insurance claims data, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data, socio-economics data and even DNA data to gain insights on how to improve patient outcomes.
  4. Catalyze
    The final step is to use these insights to actually create behavior changes that improve health, lower cost and improve outcomes.

We were impressed not only by Jack’s insights but by his cufflinks that were actually QR codes (see photo) and by his hand-written message on his conference pass that read “Disrupt All the Things”.

I have to say the interview with Jack was entertaining and informative. He is a refreshingly candid and thoughtful presence in the VC landscape.


James Ryan

    Jim Ryan has spent the past 20 years building global markets for US-based telecommunications and enterprise technology companies. Mr. Ryan exited five startups (2 IPOs, 2 acquisitions, 1 Chapter 11) and now uses his expertise as one of the three founding partners of Farpoint Ventures helping startups from the US quickly build global sales channels and bring in revenues from overseas markets. Mr. Ryan has closed over $1B in export business for startups.Mr. Ryan holds a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and a Master's degree from Osaka University. He is a native speaker of Japanese, and is conversational in Mandarin Chinese and French.In between meetings, he has climbed Mt. Rainier three times, finished the Boston Marathon and Cape Cod Marathon, climbed Mt. Washington in all four seasons and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon 10 times. He holds a Private Pilot license and enjoys flying his Cessna 172 around New England and beyond.

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