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From the Editor-in-Chief: Meet the Physician and Physician-in-Training Innovators!

SXSW Jen Panel

Physician Innovators at South by Southwest: Andrey Ostrovsky, Ivor Horn, Krishna Yeshwant, Jennifer Joe

I’m always so amazed at the breadth and diversity of interests that my physician colleagues have. Not only do we care for patients in our daily lives, but we strive to contribute in so many other ways. For example, while on my VA ER shift with two others whom I’ve worked with for almost a year, I learned that Nii is arranging for the Ghana Minister of Health to come and speak to us, and Ivana is doing amazing research on pulmonary hypertension! Wow! If only we could facilitate these conversations!

My companies, Medstro and MedTech Boston, are both committed to increasing communication and breaking the silos that have traditionally plagued medicine in order to improve collaboration. Hence, we have started the Physician Innovator Series. Because students are our future, and they push us to be better people, I’ll also highlight amazing MD candidates here.

I welcome all recommendations of Doctorpreneurs you think should be featured here. Just email me at Jen@medstro.com.

Nabeel Ali: Physician-in-Training Innovator!

Nabeel Ali: Physician-in-Training Innovator!

Nabeel Ali is an amazing medical student who fairly recently moved to Boston from Albany, New York, to pursue his dreams. I met him through the fantastic Ajay Major.

General Fantasticness:

Nabeel Ali is a Medical Student and Engineer focused on improving healthcare through disruptive research, technology and entrepreneurship. He is an award-winning and published researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School, where he has invented medical technology for imaging heart disease among other projects in the field of radiology. Outside of his research pursuits, he works with an independent student group in New York to explore Google Glass as a wearable solution for clinical applications. Mr. Ali also serves as a Reviewer for the Journal of Digital Imaging, Contributing Writer for in-Training Magazine, and advises a number of technology start-ups. He holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and is working towards an M.D. with Distinction in Research at Albany Medical College.

Research Projects:

  • Published: A Novel Analysis Algorithm for Potential Quantitative Assessment of Myocardial Computed Tomography Perfusion – http://bit.ly/1ibuMSn
  • Published: Automated Quantification of Pneumothorax in CT – http://bit.ly/1gQa710
  • An Automated Computational Algorithm for Detection of the Napkin-Ring Sign: A Coronary High-Risk Plaque Marker in CT Angiography.
  • Iterative Reconstruction Methods Improve Diagnostic Accuracy of the Napkin-Ring Sign in CT.
  • Novel Software for Automated, Rapid, Quantitative Image-Analysis: Implications for Healthcare IT.
  • Abdominal Plain Film versus Multi-detector CT in the Evaluation of Nonspecific Abdominal Pain in the Emergency Department: a model for evaluating process, cost and effectiveness.
  • CT as an Initial Imaging Strategy for Thoracic Spine Injury in the Emergency Setting

Writings on innovation / medtech:


Because of his amazing work, Mr. Ali has been invited to present at the April 23 Google Glass Challenge Finalist Presentation and Expert Panel at the Google Cambridge Center Headquarters. Right now, he’s working with an independent student group in New York to develop potential uses for Google Glass in the Emergency Room and for Radiology applications. For radiology, he is investigating the feasibility of using cloud based processing to potentially create an “overlay function” that would display information depending on where the radiologist is looking. Ali says, “For example, Google Glass would know which part of an image the radiologist is looking at, and would be able to make annotations on the image accordingly, sort of like augmented reality.” Want to hear more?!  Don’t miss his April 23 discussion! Want to contact him? You can find him on Medstro!

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

    My passion is healthcare optimization, whether that is with innovation, making scientific discoveries, or improving delivery. I love bringing people and ideas together and making projects work. With this, medicine exists to improve lives, and I will strive to always help patients and those around me.

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