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Boston to represent at SXSW V2V: Hacking Academic Medical Center Silos (#HackMed)

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Because MedTech Boston believes that Boston is truly the center of the universe for medical technology and innovation, we are happy to report that Boston will be fully represented at this week’s South by Southwest Las Vegas (SXSW V2V). Don’t miss an exciting conversation about “Hacking Academic Medical Center Silos” on Wednesday, July 16 at 11:15am at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Belmont 1!

SXSW Panel with Jen Joe

SXSW Interactive Austin 2014; Jennifer Joe, MD

With LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, the millennials are ushering us into the Age of Connectivity, whether that’s knowing where your old roommate is vacationing this weekend or what your little brother in Houston ate for lunch. Why does it still take an average of 10 years for new standards of care to go from bench to bedside? With 23&Me, FitBit, Jawbone, and others, the direct to consumer healthcare sector is bringing a new level of medical technology to the population outside of mainstream academic medicine.

How do we bring these amazing advances into the doctor’s office? When will a patient be able to send his own EKG to his doctor through a smartphone? The technology is here. Academic medicine is learning to embrace this.

Because of this, outside groups are trying to bring traditional academic powerhouses together for collaboration. MIT Hacking Medicine has held 7 hackathons in the last 12 months–enabling Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard undergraduate, and others to communicate unlike ever before.

Academic hospitals are creating their own incubators. What needs to happen for academic medicine to embrace the Age of Connectivity?

These are the questions that this overly well-trained and talented panel will set out to answer.

Jennifer M. Joe, MD - Founder and CEO of Medstro.com

Jennifer M. Joe, MD – Founder and CEO of Medstro.com

Our MedTech Boston Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Joe, MD, will moderate the session. Dr. Joe is a Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) nephrology graduate turned physician entrepreneur CEO of Medstro.com, a new and innovative social network for physicians, and Editor-in-Chief of MedTechBoston.com, who still regularly works the VA emergency room and urgent care clinics. She believes you have to be in the trenches to have true insight into where America’s healthcare system is going. Based in Kendall Square in Cambridge, the physical colliding point of the MIT/Harvard/MGH/Industry medtech and biotech community, she is best known for harnessing her inside knowledge of stealth projects being pioneered in the Boston academic hospitals and community to create meaningful discussions and connections to accelerate collaborations—such as being the creator of Boston’s first ever Google Glass Challenge. Dr Joe says, “A missing component to real acceleration is involving traditional academic silos,” and thus she has continued active involvement in the Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on IT and Committee on Communications and is the Massachusetts American College of Physicans Information Officer.

Usha Periyanayagam, MD, and Timothy Peck, MD, both represent physician entrepreneurs currently working within large academic medical centers.

Usha Periyanayagam highres

Usha Periyanayagam, MD, MPH, MS- International Emergency Medicine Fellow at BWH, Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Usha Periyanayagam a Fellow in International Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women¹s Hospital and an Instructor of Medicine (Emergency Medicine) at Harvard Medical School. She received her MD, her MPH, and an MS in Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern University. She also completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Northwestern University. As a physician with a background in large database analysis, user design and experience, and global health, she is uniquely primed to address the growing global health technology market.

Dr. Periyanayagam has worked clinically, instructed, and conducted research in academic institutions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. At the MIT H@cking Medicine Grand Hackfest, she led a team that created a inexpensive locally sustainable defibrillator that won the Google Ventures award. She has published numerous papers in the national and international literature, and has a patent pending in tranapical cardiac surgery.


Timothy Peck, MD- Co-Founder of Parzival

Timothy C Peck, MD is co-Founder of Parzival, the EdTech startup making medical specialty-specific search engines. He earned his MD from NYU where he received the Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award and is currently an Emergency Medicine physician at Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard Medical School, where he completed his Chief Residency. He is also currently an Education Fellow at BIDMC/HMS and is earning his MEd from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Current research focuses on resident education. He is an avid traveler, inventor, innovator, educator, and thought leader in the use of asynchronous learning in medicine. Parzival’s first product iClickEM is currently in beta.

Eric Elenko_Headshot

Eric Elenko, PhD- Partner at PureTech Ventures

Eric Elenko, PhD, is a partner at PureTech Ventures and brings the expertise of 9 years of working with large academic medical centers to create disruptive healthcare related companies. PureTech Ventures specializes in finding transferable technologies from academic centers and creating companies around that. They call themselves a “venture creation company” because they proactively seek out truly novel technologies before anyone, including the internal departments, think about creating a company. At PureTech, Dr. Elenko has co-founded a number of companies for which he has acted as a Board member and an interim member of the management team, including Akili Interactive Labs, Gelesis and Tal Medical. Prior to joining PureTech, Eric was a consultant with McKinsey & Company where he advised senior executives of both Fortune 500 and specialty pharmaceutical companies on a range of issues such as product licensing, mergers and acquisitions, R&D strategy, and marketing. Eric received a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of California, San Diego.

We’re looking forward to Boston representing!

James Ryan

    Jim Ryan has spent the past 20 years building global markets for US-based telecommunications and enterprise technology companies. Mr. Ryan exited five startups (2 IPOs, 2 acquisitions, 1 Chapter 11) and now uses his expertise as one of the three founding partners of Farpoint Ventures helping startups from the US quickly build global sales channels and bring in revenues from overseas markets. Mr. Ryan has closed over $1B in export business for startups.Mr. Ryan holds a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and a Master's degree from Osaka University. He is a native speaker of Japanese, and is conversational in Mandarin Chinese and French.In between meetings, he has climbed Mt. Rainier three times, finished the Boston Marathon and Cape Cod Marathon, climbed Mt. Washington in all four seasons and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon 10 times. He holds a Private Pilot license and enjoys flying his Cessna 172 around New England and beyond.

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