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Athenahealth launches Health IT Accelerator at Mass Inno Nights (#MIN64)!

Last week, Mass Innovation Nights partnered with Athenahealth and MedTech Boston to host a special medical technology and innovation themed evening at the beautiful and historic Watertown (when it’s not on lock-down looking for a marathon bomber) Arsenal Mall. It was a buzzing evening with over 200 of Boston’s most brilliant entrepreneurs, engineers, and business and medical industry professionals, including Burc Oral (Engineer and Organizer of Wearables and E-Textiles), Don Schwartz (Engineer and Organizer of Google Glass New England), Mahek Shah, MD (Mentor for TechStars and Entrepreneur-In-Residence of The Harvard Innovation Lab), and Aaron Dushku (Watertown City Councilor and older brother of Hollywood actress Eliza Dushku, most recently seen in Ugly Betty) among others.

Mass Inno Alyssa

Mass Innovation Nights co-op, Alisa Clark from Northeastern

Check In

Mass Innovation Nights Kristen Avini and Alisa Clark

For those of you who don’t know, Mass Innovation Nights was founded by the charismatic Bobbie Carlton, also Founder of Carlton PR and Marketing. Ms. Carlton tells MedTech Boston that she created this free monthy product launch party and networking event with the passion of “supporting the Boston area entrepreneur and innovator ecosystem to be the best in the country.” Ms Carlton tell us that they have launched over 650 new products that have raised over $800 million in funding. 394 of the companies are still in business, 23 have been acquired or merged, and 91 launched additional products after their fist launch with Mass Innovation Nights. What did you say? That’s an amazing track record! And this service is FREE?! I know, unbelievable, right? But it’s true. Just apply here. Kristen Avini, Program and Events Manager of Mass Innovation Nights, tell us that she is really passionate about teaching start-ups the power of social media. She says, “These new companies are fantastic, with great innovators and great engineers. But they often don’t understand the power of grassroots marketing and social media.”


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The evening launched 10 medtech products as follows: Know My Patient, Making Care Easier, ThinLayer Dental Implant Guided Surgery, Remembrance-Alzheimer Film Therapy, SlingAmp Antigravity Amplifier Stand, Charles River Rowing League (Ok, this one isn’t really medtech), The Gentoo Vest, Medstro.com (my personal favorite!), and Intellinetix Step Sensor.

Jen Cropped

Jennifer Joe, MD, CEO of Medstro, launching my product and doing my fashion pose!

But right when you  think you’re in innovation information overload, Mandira Singh, Senior Manager at Athenahealth, announces that the whispered rumors of an Athenahealth Health IT Accelerator are true! Athenahealth has officially launched their own Health IT Accelerator.  They already have their first company, Smart Scheduling, a predictive analytic platform for knowing which patients should be scheduled for which appointments. For example, Andrea Ippolito, one of the Co-Founders of Smart Scheduling, told us last year that young men in their 20s are highly unlikely to show up for Friday afternoon appointments. So you should probably never offer a 21-year-old college man a Friday afternoon wellness check when he is more likely to be headed to the mountains for a hiking trip.

Mandira with Mic Cropped

The Athenahealth Health IT Accelerator plans to recruit two to three more companies this year that will operate out of their beautiful 2,500 square-foot space headquarters. They plan to increase the footprint to 10,000 to 15,000 square feet in coming years, as more space becomes available through renovations. Eventually they will house about 10 companies. So my dear Boston entrepreneurs, you have an expanding world of options when looking for funding, connections, and mentorship as Brigham expands its Innovation Hub, Harvard continues its ILab, Healthbox builds a bigger presence, and now with the Athenahealth Accelerator in your own backyard!


Did Unity Stoakes, Co-Founder of StartUp Health, make the right call? I think this signals that we are in the Golden Age of Entrepreneurship in Medicine! How do you apply to the Athenahealth IT Accelerator? What are they looking for?! Watch these videos from the More Disruption Please folks to find out!

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

    My passion is healthcare optimization, whether that is with innovation, making scientific discoveries, or improving delivery. I love bringing people and ideas together and making projects work. With this, medicine exists to improve lives, and I will strive to always help patients and those around me.

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