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Google Cambridge Unveils New Facilities

Google's new facilities are primed for innovation. All photos by Jenni Whalen.

Google’s new facilities are primed for innovation. All photos by Jenni Whalen.

In a city bursting with colleges, startups, and medical facilities, there’s a new kid on campus: Google campus, that is.

On August 5, Google unveiled its renovated office space in Kendall Square, a hub of technological innovation in the Boston area. The campus at 5 Cambridge Center connects three previously independent sections of Google into an elevated office space that accommodates more than 800 employees.

“Expansion of the campus here signals to me that Google is serious about growing in Cambridge and has found itself a home here in Kendall Square,” Congressman Mike Capuano said at the event. “The high technology revolution has roots here and expanded around the world, yet remains strong in Massachusetts.”

Three of the floors in Google’s expanded office are gold or platinum LEED certified, and the spaces connecting the office’s segments are undergoing LEED review.

“Having our three buildings interconnected to form an elevated campus fosters the collaboration and teamwork that is the core of Google’s culture,” said Steve Vinter, Engineering Director at Google. “We set out to create a space that was so inspiring that it could be the foundation for our next era of innovation in this region.”

Google's policy is that employees should never be more than 150 feet from snack foods.

Google’s policy is that employees should never be more than 150 feet from snack foods. These stocked kitchens can be found on every floor of the new facilities.

The environment for innovation is preexisting in Cambridge, which is home to hundreds of startup businesses that focus on everything from transportation to mobile medical records systems. Google’s campus is the hub of a number of teams, including travel, Android, YouTube, Google Ventures, and Google Play for Education, as well as teams that handle networking infrastructure and data visualization.

Before the renovation, Google employees had to walk out of each building to enter the next. But now, the re-designed campus allows for easy access to all of the top-of-the-line facilities. The buildings’ design draws on Boston surroundings in both character and composition: conference rooms are named after computer scientists, doctors, and landmarks, and employees at the office graduated from 23 colleges and universities in Massachusetts. Stepping out of the elevator feels like stepping out of the T, and even the free snacks are locally sourced.

Moving forward, Google Boston will continue to participate in a number of initiatives within the greater community. Google’s scholarships and grants (awarded in Massachusetts) are aimed at engaging with local students and other members of the academic community – and based on the new redesign, we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to work with the Google team.

New chairs and an entryway connect three existing buildings.

New chairs and an entryway connect three existing buildings.

What’s most exciting is that these new facilities will be accessible for events and meetings moving forward. As we build on last Spring’s MedTech Boston Google Glass Challenge, we’ll continue to sponsor Glass healthcare events at these facilities. We also have plans for another contest this fall, and are working with local doctors to develop a “best practices” guide for using Glass in the healthcare workplace. Stay tuned for more information.

Dana Hatic

Dana Hatic

    Dana Hatic is a web journalist at WHDH-TV. She received an MS in Journalism from Boston University and a BS in political science and journalism from the University of Miami. She is also involved with the Team Fox Young Professionals of Boston.

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