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Primary Care Challenge: Voting Ends Today!

PCC Voting Ends TodayVoting Ends Today at 5PM EDT

The Primary Care Innovation Challenge, sponsored by The American Resident Project, Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, The American College of Physicians, Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, Primary Care Progress, Costs of Care and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine together with eight other organizations, will close for voting today at 5PM EDT. Be sure to check out the over 50 submissions we received from clinicians around the country, vote for your favorites and join the conversation by leaving comments.

Winners will be announced tomorrow, and the top five winners will be flown in to Boston for a final “pitch-off” to be held at Harvard Medical School on September 16. The event, titled “Medicine on the Front Line: Empowering the Next Generation of Primary Care Providers” will feature a keynote by  Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School, Assistant Professor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Associate Program Director of Primary Health Care Performance Initiative at Ariadne Labs, and Core Faculty Lead for Transformation Strategy and Design at Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care. The keynote will be followed by presentations by the five finalists, an awards ceremony and a panel discussion featuring Dr. Bitton, Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer, President and Founder, Primary Care Progress and Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh, Resident Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Attendance is free but tickets are limited. Click here to reserve your tickets now!

Current Competition Standings

Top FIVE Will Present at HMS on Sep. 16

Submitted ByInstitutionTitleVotes
Cole Zanetti, DONH Dartmouth Family Medicine ResidencyPositive Deviance, a value based approach to patient engagement in primary care.99 
John Moore, MD, PhDTwine – Collaborative Care Platform for Primary Care – Empowering Patients through Apprenticeship62 
Gina Luciano, MDTraining Tomorrow’s Primary Care Physician54 
Howard Libman, MDBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterExtended Continuous Ambulatory Training for Primary Care Residents54 
Howard Haft, MD,MMM,CPE,FACPEShah AssociatesUsing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Improve Quality Metric Data Capture54 
Michael Barness, MD“Mental Health Day”: A Synergistic Approach to Mental Health Issues49 
Ajay Kohli,Drexel University College of MedicineHeart Failure 2.046 
Rick Cuddihy, MDziPede: a better way to communicate your care to your patients34 
Amber Pincavage, MDEngineering Patient-Oriented Clinic Handoffs in Primary Care (EPOCH)33 
Joe Weidner, MDHealth MirrorImproved clinical quality measures through multimedia patient education in the examination room23 
Theodore Long, MDNeighborhood Health Stations: Building community and transforming healthcare in Rhode Island22 
Kyle Knierim, MDUniversity of Colorado Health SystemWalking patients through the depression pathway: speeding recovery with integrated care.21 
Diana Wohler,Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health AllianceWelcome to the U.S. Health Care System: Shared Medical Visits for Recent Immigrant Families21 
Anne De Groot, MDClinica Esperanza/Hope ClinicCHEER: Nurse-run Walk In Healthcare for the Uninsured19 
Catherine Chen, MDFresh Medicine18 
Maggie Reinsvold,Community-Students Together Against Healthcare Racism (C-STAHR): Community-Based Research and Action18 
Lisa Rotenstein,A Coordination Dashboard for High Risk Patients18 
Zev Schuman-Olivier, MDCambridge Health AllianceIntegrating Mindfulness into the Patient-Centered Medical Home (MINDFUL-PC)18 
Judy Fleishman, PhDCambridge Health AllianceMultidisciplinary process improvement teams as drivers of improvement transformation16 
Nathan Handley, MDUCSF, Stroll HealthUsing Price Transparency Tools at the Point of Care to Enhance Shared Decision Making14 
Bridget O’Brien,Title: Introduce ultrasound to primary care to enhance and expedite accurate diagnosis11 
Marjorie Rosenthal, MD, MPHGroup Well Child Care in Residency Practice10 
Jessica Jeffrey, MD. MPH, MBAUCLA FOCUS Behavioral Health Check-Up9 
Richard Lu, MDPri-MedInLight: The Rebirth of the Problem Oriented Medical Record9 
Davis Liu, MDA framework to make 200 primary care doctors lives better8 
R. Scott Hammond, MDDevelopment and Implementation of “The Patient Profile” – A health literacy assessment tool8 
Holly Dahlman, MD, FACPGreen Spring Internal Medicine, LLCSmall PCMH: 3 Issues, 3 Aims7 
Rebecca Andrews, MD, MSUniversity of CTTeaching Teamwork Through Toys7 
Randy Pardue, MDBehavior change for disease prevention and reversal6 
Terence McAllister, MDPerformance PediatricsPediatric Primary-Care Micropractice6 
Namrata Turaga, MdMyFitnessPal for Mental Health6 
Yvette Yeung, MDUltimate Preventative Care through Promotion of Physician Exercise and Activism6 
Andrew Goldstein, MD, MPHColumbiaEvidenceBase5 
Matthew Hahn, MDWritten protocols to transform the quality and profitability of any outpatient practice environment5 
Tracei Ball, MDIncreasing Access to Health Care for Patients5 
David Joe, MDMEA Medical Clinics13 Primary Care Clinics in Mississippi implementing EHR (EClinicalWorks)5 
Keron Magness, MDPush Health: Virtual Primary Care Tool Kit5 
Julien Pham, MD, MPHRubiconMDRubiconMD: Specializing Primary Care5 
Tracei Ball, MDRemoving Treatment Barriers for Specific Populations of Patients4 
sivagurunathan arumugam, MDStreet corner clinics-Prevention is better than cure3 
Michael Neuwirth, MDCarle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, ILCost Savings and Improved Patient Satisfaction from a Hospital-wide DVT Process3 
Vishal Mehta, MDFox Valley Orthopaedic InstituteHealthy-TXT: Transforming Doctor – Patient Communication to Improve Health3 
Nupur Garg, MDAffordable Medical ClinicAffordable Medical Care – Transparency in Health Care3 
Andrew Goldstein, MD, MPHColumbiaHealthPAC2 
Adam Schwarz, MDGetting the Best with Less!2 
Brian McDonough, MDCore Cases: An Interactive Learning Tool For Clinicians2 
torooti mwirigi, MDEMED SolutionsASKADOC2 
Suthipong Soontrapa, MDTexas Tech University Health Sciences CenterComprehensive Guideline-Based Primary Prevention Reminder2 
Calvin Maestro Jr., MDPatient Accountability1 
torooti mwirigi, MDEMED SolutionsEMED1 
Avin Agarwal, B.E.uber Diagnostics Private LimitedCardioTrack – Heart Monitoring for the Last Mile1 
Tom Fowler,Epic SystemsAn interactive medical application to aid history taking and facilitate diagnostic support1 
Rick Cancelliere,TreatspaceLink Primary Care doctors with their “preferred network” of specialists with integrated web software0 

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