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Nuance PowerShare Network Hits 3 Billion Image Mark


Diagnostic imaging photo via King’s College.

Last month, Nuance Communications announced that over 3 billion medical images had been shared through their Cloud network. This is a 30 percent increase from the year before and a vast increase from previous years, suggesting a widespread adoption of image-sharing Cloud technology in hospitals and medical facilities.

Nuance PowerShare Network focuses strictly on imaging, connecting physicians, patients, government agencies, specialty medical societies and other medical professionals on a secure, Cloud-based network.

“Nuance is driving rapid adoption of cloud-based medical image and report sharing to address the growing importance of collaborative and value-based care, and help provider organizations provide better service to referring physicians,” Peter Durlach, senior vice president of marketing and strategy, said in a recent press release. “This leads to better communication not just between caregivers, but also with their patients to improve patient satisfaction and promote better health.”

When it comes to medical imaging, most physicians rely on medical imaging to diagnose patients, but they also need associated diagnostic reports. The Nuance PowerShare Network and others like it make these reports and images available at any time. This kind of sharing used to have several days to complete.

Beyond image sharing, Nuance recently announced a mobile app that will allow physicians to view diagnostic imaging and reports on their mobile devices. Cloud sharing has recently come under fire as a non-secure manner of sharing and reviewing patient data, but this app offers something revolutionary, providing a secure and convenient area for physicians to review files.

Jenni Whalen

Jenni Whalen

    Jenni Whalen is the Executive Assistant of Editorial at Upworthy. She was previously MedTech Boston's Managing Editor and has an MS in Journalism from Boston University, as well as a BA in Psychology from Bucknell University. Whalen has written for Greatist, Boston magazine, AZ Central Healthy Living and the New England Journal of Medicine, among other places. She has also worked as a conference planner, ghost writer, researcher and content developer.

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