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More Disruption Please: Athenahealth’s Hackathon Offers Powerful Resources & Connections


At their foundation, healthcare hackathons are about bringing together people from diverse backgrounds – medicine, technology, engineering, design and business – to identify and solve healthcare problems. Next month’s athenahealth “More Disruption Please” hackathon (meeting from November 14-November 16, 2014) will be more of the same, but with a twist.

“More Disruption Please is our call to action to members of the healthcare and health IT communities and beyond to change the status quo in healthcare,” says Lindsay Kempton, a member of athenahealth’s More Disruption Please team. “The projects during our weekend hack will create solutions that are innovative and disruptive – born out of a fast-paced 48 hours of collaboration and ideation.”

The “More Disruption Please” hackathon will be held at the athenahealth headquarters in Watertown, Mass. in partnership with MIT’s Hacking Medicine and among other topics, will ask two key questions:

  • How can we improve and maintain communication at transition points across the care continuum?
  • How might we be better able to maintain the patient-to-provider relationship when they’re not in the same room?

“This could involve telehealth solutions, connected devices, patient outreach and much more,” says Kempton. “Teams will be equipped with the tools necessary to really explore and test ways to incorporate consumer wearables into provider workflow in a meaningful way.”

To equip teams, Kempton says athenahealth has secured a partnership with Jawbone. That means Jawbone will provide developer band kits and access to their APIs, among other tools. athenahealth also recently relaunched their developer portal, so anyone who registers for a developer account at the hackathon will be able to access their API documentation. This open sharing of pre-existing technology is rare and will hopefully lead to powerful solutions, Kempton says.

And, of course, the prizes aren’t too shabby either. “We will be offering team cash prizes, Jawbone swag, and access to athenahealth experts in formal office hours following the hackathon,” Kempton says. This will hopefully help teams continue to develop and refine solutions in the future, too.

To apply for athenahealth’s More Disruption Please hackathon, click here. Stay tuned for more information about the event – we’re attending, too, and will be announcing the winners on the weekend of the event. Our Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Joe, will also be judging the final pitch-off.

Jenni Whalen

Jenni Whalen

    Jenni Whalen is the Executive Assistant of Editorial at Upworthy. She was previously MedTech Boston's Managing Editor and has an MS in Journalism from Boston University, as well as a BA in Psychology from Bucknell University. Whalen has written for Greatist, Boston magazine, AZ Central Healthy Living and the New England Journal of Medicine, among other places. She has also worked as a conference planner, ghost writer, researcher and content developer.

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