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Call for Submissions: Google Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge (#WHPC15)


MedTech Boston is excited to announce that we are once again partnering with Google and Medstro to run an online challenge with a final “pitch-off” event similar to the “Google Glass Challenge” that we ran this past April. If you remember the buzz from the Google Glass Challenge, with 250+ attendees, a 50+ wait list, a television crew filming the entire event, open bar and fancy h’orderves, and amazingly brilliant conversation, then you’ll be excited that our next project with Google is called the Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge (#WHPC15).

As the name suggests, the Wearables Challenge is an open call to anyone around the world to tell us how they would use Wearables (regardless of manufacturer) in an actual pilot in a clinical setting to benefit patients, physicians, and healthcare workers. Google has made it clear that they want maximum participation and therefore they have not limited the submissions to only Google wearables. If you have an idea, then we want to hear from you no matter what device or platform you use!


As in April 2014, the finalists will compete in a Live Pitch-Off at the Boston Google Headquarters in late March 2015.


Unlike most other competitions, which have you submit your ideas into a black box, the Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge has an incredible line-up of over 30 judges (all true thought leaders in healthcare innovation) who give you real feedback. This allows you to learn, adapt, and even pivot with your ideas. We want you to have the best pilot out there when you exit our mini-boot camp. Want to know if a venture capital company would invest in you? We have Eric Elenko, PhD, Partner at PureTech Ventures, and Josko Silobrcic, Executive Director of Healthbox telling you if he would. Want to know if a major hospital would run your pilot? We have Adam Landman, MD, MS, MIS, MHS (We’re in Boston–we need as many titles tacked onto names as possible), Chief Medical Information Officer for Health Information Innovation and Integration at Brigham and Women’s Hospital telling you if he would.


I’d like to invite you to take us into the Connected Age of Medicine. I want to hear how you’re going to prevent 30-day readmission by intelligently tracking activity after hip surgery, how you’re going to be the best Ebola-risk monitor with your fancy connected, wearable thermometer, and how you’re going to prevent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) emergency room visits by continuously monitoring blood oxygen saturation. Push American healthcare forward. Submit your idea now!


Jennifer M. Joe, MD

Jennifer M. Joe, MD

    My passion is healthcare optimization, whether that is with innovation, making scientific discoveries, or improving delivery. I love bringing people and ideas together and making projects work. With this, medicine exists to improve lives, and I will strive to always help patients and those around me.

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