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Win Nuance’s 360 SpeechAnywhere for Your Healthcare Pilot


Win 360 SpeechAnywhere from Nuance.

In the world of healthcare-focused wearable tech, physicians often have amazing insight into the best implementation for a device, but struggle with the technical development needed. That’s why Medstro’s Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge offers physicians a chance to suggest uses for existing wearables – and the opportunity to win the wearables, seed money and mentorship needed to actually implement the device in their practice. Interested? Apply now.

One of the most exciting prizes in the competition is a voice-recognition package offered by Nuance. Often under looked, voice recognition software is paramount to implementing many wearables (think of Google Glass, for example, which is voice activated). The Nuance Prize winner will receive a 12-month developer package and access to Nuance’s 360 SpeechAnywhere services, cloud-based speech recognition technology that includes medical speech-to-text, text-to-speech, application command and control and voice macros.

“The technology increases productivity and documentation capture, promotes physician satisfaction by providing a ubiquitous user experience across platforms, improves financial performance by reducing or eliminating costs and raises the quality of care by enabling clinical documentation creation and review in one step,” Jonathon Dreyer, director of Cloud and Mobile Solutions Marketing in the healthcare division of Nuance, says of the technology. He also notes that it’s becoming increasingly important to offer better, more convenient and natural ways for users to interact with devices without screens.

“Voice technology, designed specifically to support unique healthcare workflows, will play a pivotal role in all of this,” he says.

According to Dreyer, Nuance also decided to sponsor a prize in the #WHPC15 because they see the competition, which is running online until March 1 and culminates with a live pitch-off on April 23, as an arena for innovation. “We’re all about reinventing the relationship between people and technology, and we’re excited to be part of the creative process around initiatives like these that promote the advancement of better patient care and everything connected to it,” he says. “It is our responsibility, as innovators, to design systems that protect and preserve the patient-physician experience and boost health IT adoption.”

How can you win this speech recognition technology? Submit your most creative and innovative medical use ideas for 360 SpeechAnywhere to the #WHPC15. Nuance is looking for creative, inventive and practical uses of voice technology – integrations that stretch the limits and enhance the utility and success of wearables in healthcare.

For more on speech and understanding in healthcare from Nuance, watch this video:

Jenni Whalen

Jenni Whalen

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