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Ask the Experts: Developments in Genetic Testing

Klaus Lindpainter

klausKlaus Lindpaintner, MD, MPH, FACP serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Previously, he held senior positions at Hoffman-La Roche and SDIX, and was on faculty at Harvard Medical School. He has co-authored more than 250 scientific papers, and holds honorary and adjunct professorships at several academic institutions.

What exciting developments in genetic testing should we expect to see in 2015? “The most immediate development form of genetic testing that will be of true impact to consumers is the ongoing expansion of the use of targeted sequencing of candidate cancer gene panels. This approach powerfully captures tangible opportunities in cancer care, delivering actionable results that can be translated in real time into clinical decisions. Bottlenecks continue to be represented by time-to-result (with some of the more prevalent technologies still measured in days to weeks) and tissue requirements (prevailing technologies requiring 200+ ng); newer technologies are now addressing these issues. The focus on oncology has to do with the causative nature of acquired DNA mutations as well as the ready availability of informative cancer tissue samples.”

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Jenni Whalen

Jenni Whalen

    Jenni Whalen is the Executive Assistant of Editorial at Upworthy. She was previously MedTech Boston's Managing Editor and has an MS in Journalism from Boston University, as well as a BA in Psychology from Bucknell University. Whalen has written for Greatist, Boston magazine, AZ Central Healthy Living and the New England Journal of Medicine, among other places. She has also worked as a conference planner, ghost writer, researcher and content developer.

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