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Meet the 2015 Harvard InciteHealth Fellows

Urvi Vyas

Vyas UrviVyas is a Research Associate at the Department of Radiology at Stanford University, where she designs tools and conducts pre-clinical trials for the incision-less robotic surgery of brain tumors. She completed her PhD in Medical Imaging and Bio-instrumentation from the University of Utah and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University.

What do you plan to focus on during your fellowship this year?

“I plan to focus on improving the quality of physician-patient interactions. The economic logic of the health-care system has put so many barriers between doctors and patients, and chipped away at the time a doctor spends with her patients to around 15 minutes on average. This ends up making both doctors and patients unhappy, and worsens patient outcomes. I want to develop innovative ways to improve this crucial interaction through technology, psychology and better processes.”

What’s the most exciting part of being granted this fellowship?

“The most exciting thing about being an Incite Health Fellow is the freedom to take risks and think about some really important big picture questions that have always bothered me. Having amazing colleagues to bounce ideas off, and mentors to help guide us as we explore these questions is what makes it beyond exciting!”


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Jenni Whalen

Jenni Whalen

    Jenni Whalen is the Executive Assistant of Editorial at Upworthy. She was previously MedTech Boston's Managing Editor and has an MS in Journalism from Boston University, as well as a BA in Psychology from Bucknell University. Whalen has written for Greatist, Boston magazine, AZ Central Healthy Living and the New England Journal of Medicine, among other places. She has also worked as a conference planner, ghost writer, researcher and content developer.

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