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Google Wearables Challenge Receives Record-Breaking 89 Submissions!

Wearables Banner Final SubmissionsMedstro, the social network for physicians that is hosting the Google Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge (#WHPC15), announced today that the challenge had received a total of 89 submissions as of the submission deadline which passed at midnight last night. This total is almost double the 55 entries submitted to last year’s Google Glass Challenge. Sixteen of the entries were received in the last 24 hours before the submission deadline, and six were received within the last hour, proving once again that procrastination is one of the fundamental forces of nature.

What’s more, the Challenge site has received over 100,000 page views since it was launched in January.

Let the Judging Begin

Now things get really exciting. Over the next two weeks, the panel of 37 expert judges will score the entries on a scale of 1 to 5. But this wouldn’t be a Medstro competition without the added excitement of crowd voting! The winners will be chosen based on a combination of the judges’ scoring and the number of crowd votes received. Anyone can vote for any submission (registration is required to prevent duplicate voting), so the race is on for each participant to get as many crowd votes as possible before the voting deadline of March 28 at 7PM.

Entries will ranked by “Total Score” which is calculated as follows:

Total Score = Crowd Votes × ( 1 + Avg. Judge Score ÷ 5 )

This means that if you get a perfect 5 average judge score, your crowd votes will be doubled, whereas those who only get a 1 average judge score have their crowd votes multiplied by 1.2.

Final Smackdown!

The eight finalists in the voting will be invited to pitch their idea live before a panel of judges and an audience of their peers at Google’s Boston headquarters in Kendall Square, Cambridge on April 23. Tickets are available now for this event which will also feature demonstrations of the wearables used in the Challenge, keynotes and some secret demonstrations by the Google Wearables team.

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