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The MedTech Boston Guide to Planning a Healthcare Hackathon

Prizes & Awards

Once the judges have heard from all of the teams and ranked them according to those criteria, the winners are announced and awarded prizes. Though many hackathons will give out cash prizes, some have recently opted to offer other ways of helping winners make their idea happen in the real world. “We personally believe hackathons should aim to be a catalyst towards change, not simply a competition to reward winners,” says Rohan Jotwani of Tufts MedStart. “Thus, we want to give prizes that will help what we deem are the best projects move forward into the future. For us, this usually includes an unrestricted grant of some sort as well as meetings with next-stage helpers and even access to further incubation via our good friends at MD Idea Lab.”

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Brendan Pease

Brendan Pease

    Brendan Pease was MedTech Boston's first ever editorial and events intern. He is now a junior at Harvard University where he studies Molecular and Cellular Biology. He’s also the Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Harvard Science Review. Previously, he worked as a Market Intelligence intern at athenahealth and as a research assistant in the Goldberg Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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    1. Laura Henze Russell says:

      This was such a great event that I registered for @IBMWatson #Hackathon May 4-5 in NYC. Who else from GrandHack is going?

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