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Medstro Announces Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge Finalists

Drs. Arensman and HillKeeping Your Cool in the OR

Allison Arensman, MD and Courtney Hill, MD

These surgical residents at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center have an ingenious idea that may solve a serious problem – one that those of us who don’t spend our days in the OR may never have even been aware of. Apparently, the ambient air temperature in operating rooms is typically kept at 65 degrees or lower to keep the surgical staff cool under all those layers of protective clothing, but research has shown that this can make the patient more susceptible to post-operative infections.

Drs. Arensman and Hill propose using the Wristify wristband to keep the staff cool without giving the patient hypothermia. They not only win a spot at the Final Smackdown but they also win the Embr Labs Prize, which entitles them to 10 Wristify wristbands to conduct their pilot.

Additional congratulations are in order because this submission received the highest average judge score of all the ten finalists: 4.4 out of 5!

Read Drs. Arensman and Hill’s full contest submission here.

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James Ryan

    Jim Ryan has spent the past 20 years building global markets for US-based telecommunications and enterprise technology companies. Mr. Ryan exited five startups (2 IPOs, 2 acquisitions, 1 Chapter 11) and now uses his expertise as one of the three founding partners of Farpoint Ventures helping startups from the US quickly build global sales channels and bring in revenues from overseas markets. Mr. Ryan has closed over $1B in export business for startups.Mr. Ryan holds a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and a Master's degree from Osaka University. He is a native speaker of Japanese, and is conversational in Mandarin Chinese and French.In between meetings, he has climbed Mt. Rainier three times, finished the Boston Marathon and Cape Cod Marathon, climbed Mt. Washington in all four seasons and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon 10 times. He holds a Private Pilot license and enjoys flying his Cessna 172 around New England and beyond.

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