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Health 2.0’s Boston Code-a-Thon: Meet the Winners

Winners and judges

Participants and judges gather for a photographic moment after the event. Photo provided by Health 2.0.

Helping consumers discover out-of-pocket costs for hip operations, keeping cardiologists in the loop on gaps in patient care, and providing a more user-friendly platform for Native Americans and native Alaskans to sign up for health insurance; these were just three of the eight solutions developed at the Health 2.0’s Boston Code-a-Thon, which took place from March 28 – 29, 2015 at Mad*Pow’s headquarters.

Eight teams spent the weekend doing team-building exercises, coding, receiving guidance and inspiration, polishing up presentations, and coding some more. Teams also had access to software code from the event’s sponsors, Allscripts, PokitDok, and Validic, to help them grow their ideas quickly.

After hours of coding, participants pitched their ideas live to judges, competing for a first-place prize of $2,000 and a $1,000 second-place prize, in addition to freebies from the event’s sponsors.

Meet the Winners:

HEARTPartner, which received first prize, provides dashboards that cardiologists can use to identify potential gaps in cardiac care, deliver customized educational content to patients, and potentially claim the new 2015 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services incentives for remote monitoring and care plan management. This platform leveraged Allscripts’ software code.

The second-prize winner, Caresync, developed a solution using the Allscripts software code as well, helping patients and healthcare teams to manage chronic conditions by tracking medications, setting reminders, and sharing collaborative access to updates with the entire healthcare team.

Heath Insight received an honorable mention for its platform, which provides decision-making support for physicians and patients to determine the real cost of procedures such as plastic surgery, colonoscopies, or hip replacements. After plugging in a few details about the patient’s insurance and willingness to travel, the solution provides information about out-of-pocket costs for various procedures.

Another honorable mention went to Navinet, which spent the weekend developing a solution that enables authorizations for referrals from within the Allscripts EHR. The team focused on this tool to automate this fairly time-consuming, labor-intensive task for healthcare teams.

Aine Cryts

Aine Cryts

    Aine (“ONya”) Cryts is an on-staff contributing writer for MedTech Boston. She's a political scientist by education, a writer and marketer by trade. She has written for various healthcare technology publications and also served as marketing director at several healthcare software companies in the Boston area. Cryts is an avid volunteer, pet lover and long-distance runner. Story ideas are always welcome.

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