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Our 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators of 2015

22. Bertalan Mesko

Dr Mesko 2014 sAs a medical futurist and young physician, Bertalan (Berci) Mesko, MD, PhD, is driven to advance technological innovations that will help patients and physicians worldwide. A social media savant, he uses the platform as a bridge between his ideas and the ideas of thousands of like-minded individuals. As the Hungary native puts it, “Social media allows me to be in the bloodstream of innovation without geographical limitations.”

Mesko recently published his first book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine, which captures 22 trends and technologies that will shape the future of medicine. “The ivory tower of medicine is no more,” he says. “As patients continue to access medical information and devices, it will dramatically change the way medicine and care are delivered.”

His recommendation to others: there is literally no limit to what can be achieved through digital. “Start with an internet connection; you can crowd source the information you need from experts on social media. 3D print a prototype if you cannot cover the costs of manufacturing, or crowd fund the required financial background.”

Shreya Iyer

Shreya Iyer

    Shreya specializes in health communications and is a copywriter for an advertising agency. She was previously at Bayer Healthcare, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

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