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Our 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators of 2015

23. John Moore

johnomoore (1)John Moore, MD, has dedicated his career to developing technologies that transform healthcare through patient empowerment and clinician collaboration. “Patients are the most important and most underutilized resource in healthcare,” he says. Eventually, Moore hopes to disrupt our antiquated healthcare model, creating a hub “where patients are empowered to take the lead in their care with provider support and expertise blended in.”

As the CEO of Twine Health, a MIT Media Lab spin-off company, Moore is proud that his patient-customers credit Twine for strengthening relationships with their care teams. His advice to other entrepreneurs? “Seek out opportunities where your work is aligned with making a dramatic difference in health, rather than just an attractive business model. So when things become challenging, you will constantly be reminded of why you have chosen your path.”

When it comes to the future, a patient-led healthcare system truly excites Moore. “Focus on developing consumer products that allow patients to track indicators that previously needed laboratory or hospital visits,” he says. Say goodbye to undervaluing patient era and hello to convenience.

Shreya Iyer

Shreya Iyer

    Shreya specializes in health communications and is a copywriter for an advertising agency. She was previously at Bayer Healthcare, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

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