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Our 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators of 2015

25. Andrey Ostrovsky

andreyAndrey Ostrovsky, MD, has a refreshing outlook of an even playing field for American healthcare. “All people should get a fair shot at success for themselves and their families,” he says, and his work is fueled by health disparities. Ostrovsky is a resident at Boston Children’s, a husband and a father, and the co-founder and CEO of Care at Hand, an analytics platform that prevents hospital readmissions.

Even as a physician, Ostrovsky deeply believes in the importance of reinventing our healthcare workforce. Doctors and clinicians are too expensive, while non-clinicians and providers of long-term support might be able to provide better community-based care.

“So here’s the math,” he says, “less expensive plus equally effective plus more connected to consumers and the patient home experience equals the triple aim.” Ostrovsky’s calling is in finding sustainable solutions to systemic problems and he was recently appointed to the National Quality Forum on Home and Community Based Services to do just that.

His advice? “Figure out what pisses you off and dedicate your career to fixing that issue.” He also encourages young physicians and entrepreneurs to remain humble and to not forget their “Part B” – the partner and friends who help you along in your journey.

Shreya Iyer

Shreya Iyer

    Shreya specializes in health communications and is a copywriter for an advertising agency. She was previously at Bayer Healthcare, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

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