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Our 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators of 2015

36. Jacqueline Thong

Team_JacquelineJacqueline Thong’s journey into healthcare is personal. When she was a child, both of her parents worked in medicine. It was in her DNA, she says. “I considered medicine as a career, but my father passed away after a brief battle with cancer, and my reaction was to get away from hospitals.”

Instead, Thong pursued a career in software engineering – but she couldn’t get too far away from medicine and eventually moved the mobile patient data sector. “I enjoyed the combination of technology and healthcare and was inspired to start my own venture: Klio Health,” she says.

Thong birthed Klio Health because she saw an unmet need in patient-generated health data. She believed that automated feedback could engage patients and providers, moving them toward a dialogue around chronic conditions management. Today, Thong says she’s witnessing an attitude shift among providers because of changes in payment reform incentives, and thus, a stronger willingness to adapt patient engagement tools.

“It’s a very exciting time,” she says. As of several weeks ago, Klio Health launched a new patient product. They will subsequently be launching provider products in the coming months, too. “I want to focus on providing a great experience for our early users, to take the time to listen and act upon their feedback,” Thong says. “I think that’s the best way to build a solid product and a great company.”

Shreya Iyer

Shreya Iyer

    Shreya specializes in health communications and is a copywriter for an advertising agency. She was previously at Bayer Healthcare, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

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