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The Latest Med Tech Funding Opportunities In Crowd Sourcing

Image by Vector Goddess/Shutterstock.

Image by Vector Goddess/Shutterstock.

The Internet is full of blossoming technology, a web of entrepreneurs seeking solid footing — and funding — in the real world. With thousands of projects on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, crowd sourcing has become a popular form of funding and promotion for everything from new apps, to honeymoon trips, to personal medical treatment costs. Unsurprisingly, medical technology has found a place among the Greek bailout and the Coolest Cooler.

Any entrepreneur can create a campaign and through these online platforms, pitch their ideas to the world. Individuals can choose to donate funds and receive various perks associated with suggested donation levels.

But how does one find great medical technology innovations hidden in the proverbial haystack of so many other projects? We took a look. From new health care apps, to lamps bettering the quality of your sleep, here are the most promising medtech projects you can fund.

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Lisa Dukart

Lisa Dukart

    As one of MedTech Boston's editorial interns, Lisa covers events, contributes photography and feature stories to the site and manages social media. She recently received her Master of Science in Journalism from Boston University. Lisa also earned her Bachelor of Arts from BU, with a degree in English and Philosophy. She has written for multiple campus publications, in addition to interning at Boston magazine.

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