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The Latest Med Tech Funding Opportunities In Crowd Sourcing


Image courtesy of SnoreTech/Indiegogo.

Image courtesy of SnoreTech/Indiegogo.

Snoring affects approximately 90 million Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

By strengthening the soft palate, which is located in the throat, SnoretTech’s device SNOR helps reduce snoring. Using a tube, which connects to smartphones via an app, the noisy sleeper does a series of exercises, blowing air to determine the strength of his or her soft palate. Users can watch their progress during the 10 minute daily exercises.

It creates an “individualized training program and displays how your muscles are performing in a form of a graph on your smartphone screen. The graph serves as a reference as to how you are performing the exercise in real time,” according to SnoreTech’s campaign. “The tube has to be positioned inside your mouth in a specific way and you need to make an effort similar to drinking liquid through a straw,” they add.

The device promises to eliminate snoring after just three weeks of use, depending on severity of condition, with results lasting for months.

Based out of San Diego, Calif., SnoreTech’s fundraising goal is $40,000.

You can support SnoreTech or purchase a SNOR device for $225 on Indiegogo.

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