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The Latest Med Tech Funding Opportunities In Crowd Sourcing


Image courtesy of myhealthjourney/Indiegogo.

Image courtesy of myhealthjourney/Indiegogo.

Medical debt is a reality for many people across the globe, including Americans. “As of 2012, 75 million people reported problems paying their medical bills or were paying off medical debt, up from 73 million in 2010 and 58 million in 2005,” according to the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. For some, that debt can be crippling, and dissuade from seeking further treatment.

Myhealthjourney.com “comprises of a website, app, ‘in clinic’ loyalty program and healthcare coaching/coordination service,” according to their campaign. Currently based out of Australia and sponsored by the University of New South Wales, the company has been testing their program for over two years in Australia. Now it seeks to expand globally by setting up in the U.S.

The app and website not only keep track of medical records but also help patients find a doctor and treatment options specific to them. By tracking data from multiple patients with similar conditions, the group also hopes to find more effective ways of treating diseases. Its main goal is to have anyone with internet access be able to reach health care professionals immediately, via email, bookings, or even video conferences and for significantly less cost.

Thus far, myhealthjourney.com says, “Our early testing shows myhealthjourney can save the average member up to 50% in healthcare costs while improving health outcomes.” In the next 10 years, they hope to help one billion users world wide.

Based out of San Francisco, Calif., and Sydney, Australia, the company has a fundraising goal of $100,000.

You can support myhealthjourney.com on Indiegogo.

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