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The Latest Med Tech Funding Opportunities In Crowd Sourcing


Image courtesy of SmartCap/Kickstarter.

Image courtesy of SmartCap/Kickstarter.

Similar to HidrateMe, the SmartCap is a “device whose purpose is to save you time, improve your health and quantify your liquid consumption,” according to its campaign. Using Bluetooth technology and a sensor in the cap, this device tracks how much water the user consumes and relays it to the program.

SmartCap will also remind users to consume more water, by lighting up on the cap, or through a reminder on a phone or computer. Interestingly, it will also have a tracking mode for Soylent, a meal-replacement drink. Unlike other water trackers, this cap can be used with any bottle—provided the two fit. The cap, which measures 3.5 inches in diameter, will fit a standard 32 ounce Nalgene.

Based out of Brooklyn, NY, SmartCap has a goal of raising $45,000.

You can support SmartCap on Kickstarter.

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