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Ten Tools to Help Fight Insomnia

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

Image courtesy of Philip Stein.

Image courtesy of Philip Stein.

Who knew a good night’s sleep could look so good? Each night, users put on the sleek bracelet 15-30 minutes prior to their intended sleep time. The bracelet claims to increase melatonin production.

Each product “contains a metal component that acts like a tuned antenna, which harvests the nearly uninterrupted supply of natural frequencies that constantly circle the earth and [chanels] them to your body,” according to its website. Philip Stein also makes watches for daytime use, which work on a different frequency.

The bracelet is made of micro-fiber and comes with a stainless steel or rose gold plated face. Philip Stein recommends wearing the bracelet for 30 nights consecutively to get the full benefits.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet currently retails for $395 and $425 and is available in two widths and multiple color options.

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