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Ten Tools to Help Fight Insomnia

Sleep Genius

Image courtesy of Sleep Genius.

Image courtesy of Sleep Genius.

Recognized by NASA for its ability to help users fall asleep, Sleep Genius offers two ways for users to get a better night’s sleep. One is via the app, which helps users discover the right bedtime and keep it consistent. The app also features a progressive alarm with soothing sounds that last for five minutes, slowly increasing in volume. It is designed to be a gradual way to wake from any sleep cycle. The overall aim is to reduce the sudden stress that occurs when an alarm goes off by giving the body time to acclimate. Sleep Genius app also has a power nap function and personalized sleep reports to help users learn about their sleep quality.

They also offer a kit, which includes an iPod Shuttle, loaded with audio programs to help users fall asleep and stay asleep, along with a pair of “SleepPhones” for listening and a charger. The audio has four components, including multi-band binaural beats, pink noise and psychoacoustic music.

Sleep Genius apps are available for free in the Android Play Store, and for $4.99 in the Apple App Store. A full set with speaker and iPod currently retails for $275.

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