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Weekly Roundup: Y Combinator Edition

It’s been a big week for life sciences and health tech startups! On March 22 and 23, Y Combinator held its Winter ’16 Demo Day. Below are the 15 health startups that debuted at YC this week, as reported by TechCrunch.

Nurx – “Birth Control delivered to you without going to the doctor”Nurx enables prescription and delivery of birth control without requiring a trip to the doctor.

Stitch – “Team communication for healthcare providers: This HIPPA compliant electronic messaging system connects health care workers and is integrated into the EHR.

Unima “Fast and low cost point of care diagnostics for resource limited settings”: The team at Unima has developed a $1 rapid, paper -based diagnostic with results interpretable via smartphone.

Spinal Singularity – “The world’s first semi-permanent, minimally invasive, smart catheter system for neurogenic bladder”: This minimally invasive connected catheter senses pressure of urine in the bladder, alerts the user when the bladder is full and allows the user to control the flow of urine exiting the bladder using a magnetic valve.

DoseDr – “Improving insulin management”: This smartphone app helps diabetes patients take the proper amount of insulin and allows providers to give real-time feedback.

HistoWiz – “Accelerating histopathology for cancer research”In only 3-days, HistoWiz “processes, embeds, cuts, and stains mouse tissue specimens and digitizes the results” in a cloud-based database that cancer researchers can access remotely.

Loop Genomics – “A platform for reading and fixing DNA”: DNA sequencing platform that can be used to diagnose major human disease. 

X-Zell – A blood test for early cancer detection that separates healthy cells from cancer cells.

Physio Health – “Enterprise health and wellness management platform”: This mobile health platform rewards employees for healthy behavior and reduces overall healthcare costs for employers.

TrendMD – “Surfaces content from your journals to the right audience at the right time.”: This widget drives site traffic by recommending relevant content to physicians.

iSono Health – “Early Breast Cancer Detection”: This 3D ultrasound scanner allows for convenient at-home breast cancer scanning. Scans are processed by a software that compares images month to month, and results are easily sharable via app.

Perlstein Lab – “Public Benefit Corporation accelerating precision drug discovery”This bio startup finds cures for rare diseases using CRISPR.

InnoVein – “Revolutionizing Vein Care with an Implantable Valve”: This company develops prosthetic valves for veins.

Kip Health – “A shared system between therapists and clients”: A collaborative care app that allows behavioral-based therapy clients to track data behavior between therapy sessions and allows providers to track progress and spot trends.   

AbleHealth – “Capture performance-based and risk-adjusted payments with the quality improvement solution your organization will love”: AbleHealth software tracks physician performance and promotes quality improvement.

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