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The 18 Medical Device Teams Vying to Win the M2D2 $100K Challenge

The following 18 medical device companies presented at the finalist round of the M2D2 2016 $100K Challenge. Winners will be announced on April 6.

Astraeus Technologies’ L-Card detects lung cancer with a low cost gas sensor and a connected smartphone platform.

Winners of the 2015 MassChallenge Diamond Award, Biorasis has developed a rice grain sized implant for continuous glucose monitoring that is 100x smaller in volume than competitor products.

Breegi Scientific Inc. has developed an affordable, portable neonatal incubator for resource-poor settings.

Virtually all key biomarkers that are in blood are also in the body’s interstitial fluid (ISF). Clinitech’s Lab-Patch is an electronic Band-Aid that monitors ISF biomarkers non-invasively and communicates results wirelessly.

Arterial stiffness is an early indicator for a cardiovascular event. Cre8MDI is creating a non-invasive, low cost sensor to assess arterial stiffness using pulse wave velocity.

D&P Bioinnovations has developed a device composed of electrospun biomaterial that can be implanted to treat esophagi severely impaired by cancer or birth defects

Leveraging a magneto-optical detection method, Disease Diagnostic Group has developed an accurate, low cost rapid assessment of malaria that can provide a quantitative diagnosis in one minute for less than a quarter of the cost of competitive approaches.

Heel pricks are commonly used for neonatal glucose monitoring. eLutions Integrated Systems has developed a noninvasive continuous glucose monitor for neonatal applications that uses near infrared light.

Embryyo Technologies has developed a disposable syringe attachment that separates blood and plasma in preparation for diagnostic assays.

Flaskworks has developed a disposable instrument for cell-based cancer immunotherapies.

It commonly takes multiple days for a lab to detect bacteria in a body sample and report the results. Fluid-Screen has developed an easy to use, portable device that detects bacteria in bodily fluid in less than 30 minutes.

Innoblative Designs has developed an electrosurgical device that delivers targeted radiofrequency ablation to surgical sites to reduce the re-operation rate in cancer patients.

Kohana’s hands-free breast pump uses a compression technology (rather than vacuum technology) to help mothers collect milk more comfortably and effectively.

LaunchPad Medical’s Tetranite is a synthetic adhesive to treat fractured bones that generates new bone at a faster rate than current commercial bone grafts.

Microaccess has developed a platform technology for left atrial appendage closure to reduce the risk of stroke

NuVascular Technologies has developed a hemodialysis access grafts for patients with end stage renal disease.

The Sunus Health Intellimonitor provides intelligent, low cost intravenous infusion monitoring that detects bubbles and drip rate.

Vital Sines’ product iHeart oximeter identifies cardiovascular risk in 30 seconds by measuring aortic stiffness.


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