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Weekly Roundup: March Funding Edition

In this week’s roundup we take a look at the past month’s health tech funding in Boston and beyond.


  • Arthromeda, Ayer MA, $1.92M Venture (March 24, 2016): “Founded in 2011, Arthromeda, Inc. is a medical device company focused on developing technologies to improve postsurgical outcomes for patients undergoing joint replacement procedures, specifically, total hip arthroplasty”
  • Maxwell Health, Boston MA, $22M Series C (March 21, 2016): “Maxwell Health is an HR and benefits technology platform and innovative marketplace that combines the management of and enrollment in benefits into one experience: eliminating the hassle of day-to-day benefits administration and providing a beautiful, streamlined experience for employees.”
  • Constant Therapy, Boston MA, $2M Series A (March 10, 2016): “Award winning e-therapy app for stroke and brain injury patients, or people with aphasia, dementia, and other speech-language disorders.”


  • HealthJoy, Chicago IL, $3M Seed (March 31, 2016): “Full-service healthcare technology platform uniting consumers with doctors, healthcare specialists, and bundled medical saving plans – all together into one simple solution.”
  • Gauss Surgical, Inc. Los Altos CA, $12.6M Series B (March 30, 2016): “A mobile health technology company focused on blood and hemoglobin loss monitoring during surgery.”
  • Colibri Heart Valve, Broomfield CO, $25M Venture (March 29,2016): “Colibri has developed a pre-mounted, pre-crimped, and pre-packaged, ready-for-use transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) device called the Colibri TAVI System.”
  • Rythm, San Francisco CA, $11M (March 29, 2016): “Rythm builds consumer technology that stimulates the brain to enhance human potential.”
  • Virta Labs, Ann Arbor MI, $750K Seed (March 28,2016): “Virta Laboratories, Inc. delivers malware and anomaly detection on medical devices and process control systems by non-intrusively measuring the power consumption patterns of the machines being protected.”
  • Medaware Solutions, St Louis MO, $2M Venture (March 25, 2016): “mHealth, teleHealth solutions spanning the Care Continuum. MedAware is a HIPAA Compliant SaaS mHealth app, enhancing provider and patient collaboration.”
  • MobileMedTek, Louisville KY, $2M Venture (March 23, 2016):”We Create Smarter Medical Devices. Today’s medical devices lag behind in technology, design and user experience. We are creating smarter devices with common sense features for today’s complex clinical environments.”
  • Bivarus, Chapel Hill NC, $2M Venture (March 23, 2016): “Bivarus brings an entirely new science of measuring continuous quality improvement (CQI) and the patient experience to hospital-based outpatient service lines, community-based clinics and large group practices.”
  • Acutus Medical,  $75M Series C (March 22, 2016): “Acutus Medical is a team of dedicated medical scientists, biomedical engineers, and other professionals focused on the development of medical technologies that will revolutionize the treatment strategies of patients with complex cardiac arrhythmias.”
  • Landmark Health, Latham NY, $30M Venture (March 19, 2016): “Landmark provides home-based medical care to individuals with multiple chronic conditions. Landmark’s physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners deliver house calls and are supported by a team of interdisciplinary clinicians.”
  • Apnicure, Redwood City CA, $15.81 Venture (March 18, 2016): “Medical device company focused on developing and commercializing novel home-use devices incorporating a proprietary platform technology called Oral Pressure Therapy (OPT) for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep related disorders.”
  • Pieces Tech, Texas City TX $21.6M Series A (March 17, 2016): “We are reimagining the intersection of healthcare and technology… building software that interprets patient data in real-time, transforming billions of points into warning tools that can save lives inside and outside hospital walls.”
  • Oculogica, New York, NY, $1.69M Venture (March 17, 2016): “Oculogica is developing a neuro-diagnostic focused on brain injury. The company’s proprietary EyeBox technology works by detecting patterns of abnormal eye movements and unlocks the potential to not only localize brain injury but also to assess its severity.”
  • RightEye, Bethesda MD, $2.11M Venture (March 17, 2016) : “RightEye instantly assesses vision performance, flags critical medical issues and creates customized online games that improve outcomes.”
  • DICOM Grid, Phoenix AZ, $6M Venture (March 15, 2016):”DICOM Grid provides a combination of software, services, and support that enables the four pillars of image management to seamlessly work together: workflows, archiving, viewing and exchange”
  • Radialogica, Clarkton MO, $2.85M Venture (March 15, 2016): “Radialogica is a bioinformatics company focused on radiation oncology. We provide sophisticated software and robust analytics to elevate quality of care for cancer patients.”
  • Spirox, Menlo Park CA, $45M Series C (March 15, 2016): “Spirox is focused on developing minimally invasive technologies to improve the quality of life for patients with nasal obstruction.”
  • Arterys, San Francisco CA, $5M Series A (March 14, 2016): “Clinical 4D Flow MRI platform to radically improve the process of diagnosing and staging cardiovascular disease.”
  • CirrusMD, Denver CO, $1.05M Venture (March 14, 2016): “Our value-based virtual care solution lets patients text, send pictures, and video chat with doctors.”
  • Oncora Medical, Philadelphia PA, $1.2M Seed (March 10, 2016): “Oncora Medical is an analytics platform that helps radiation oncologists use data to provide the best possible care for cancer patients.”
  • Palo Alto Health Sciences, Danville CA, $3.53M Venture (March 4, 2016): “Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc. is dedicated to addressing mental health conditions with evidenced based, non-invasive, drug-free solutions.”
  •  RxREVU, Denver CO, $3M Venture (March 2, 2016): “RxREVU is building the world’s most advanced, evidence-based, prescription intelligence platform to deliver the most effective treatment at the lowest cost, to save money for patients and payors, and make people healthier and happier.”
  • Welldoc, Baltimore MD, $7.5M Series B (March 1, 2016): “Disrupting healthcare using mobile technology to transform the treatment of chronic disease.”

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