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With a Focus on Mindset and Collaboration, PowerUp Helps Women Achieve Health Goals

PowerUP Health is turning the traditional approach to health and fitness on its head. Developed by Gain Life, a Harvard Launch Labs company, the platform and connected app is built specifically for women and aims to permanently change their mindset toward health and wellness.

PowerUP Health is an online healthy-living program that promotes healthy mindset, nutrition, activity, accountability and support. Their unique focus on mindset enables the average member to achieve two times the one-year weight loss gold standard for disease prevention and reduction.

According to CEO of Gain Life Sean Eldridge, PowerUp helps women achieve their health goals by encouraging them to think about their life and health more broadly. “What we’re doing is something broader—helping an individual understand their broader purpose in life,” said Eldridge, “we have touch points throughout to push them outside their comfort zone.”

The program begins with a 16-week long “intensive intervention” period that is adapted in part from the diabetes prevention handbook from the University of Pittsburgh. When a woman signs up, she’s asked to fill out a short “getting to know you” survey so she can be matched with a coach and her program can be customized to meet her needs.

“They’re able to tell us if they want to work with a man versus a woman, a cheerleader versus a drill sergeant, someone who’s more interested in the ‘what’ than the ‘how’, [in a] similar life stage or not, so we can match them with a coach from that,” Eldridge explained.

Members consult with their coaches during regular Skype calls so they can discuss problems, successes, and anything in between. Members can continue to work with their coach as long as they’d like once the 16 weeks are over, although the average retention rate is one year. Additionally, members can seek support from other women in the program via phone, computer, or tablet.

“What’s cool is as part of that, we have essentially tapped into…the way that women support other women in terms of health,” Eldridge said. “We can actually bring that to life in our program.”

The nutrition and activity portion of the program is focused around a concept called metabolic flexibility based on 25 years of research from the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. PowerUP helps women with inflexible metabolisms restart their metabolisms to become more efficient by providing them with meal plans of whole foods – nothing prepackaged and no supplements – that are designed to burn fat and give them more energy, according to PowerUP’s website.

Finally, coaches help members build an activity routine that suits their lifestyles. They’re not given workout regimens. They’re just asked to move at least six days a week at a minimum level of intensity and duration.

PowerUP costs $99 per month with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied within two weeks, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Alexandra David

Alexandra David

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