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Dropping Out of Medicine? Join The Club

If you are a practicing physician, scientist, biomedical professional, or student who is considering an alternative to the traditional medical career track, membership in the Drop Out Club, might be for you.

The Drop Out Club’s goal is to unify individuals who strive to make a positive impact on the health care industry outside of ordinary clinical and research career paths. Currently the Drop Out Club’s network consists of just under thirty thousand professionals across a variety of sectors, including academia, clinical medicine, biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies, telemedicine, venture capital, and medical device companies.

The Drop Out Club’s website has multiple components including job postings, on line forums where members exchange career leads and advice, as well as announcements about live networking activities sponsored by Drop Out Club’s chapters around the world. In order to encourage in-person networking, the Club is divided into chapters, with the Massachusetts chapter boasting about 1,500 members.

“The Boston chapter is very reflective of our membership,” says the site’s co-founder, Dr. Rael Mazansky. “It is very reflective of the Boston health care community at large.” This chapter encompasses four categories of professionals: 1) medical students, residents, attending physicians and Chiefs of departments of major Boston institutions; 2) individuals at biotech & pharma companies; 3) venture capitalists; 4) and a mix of people who work as consultants, in finance, and at a variety of start-ups.

Mazansky believes networking within a chapter is a particularly useful to members. “It is a great way for members to really tap into other people who are like minded, many whom have already made this transition,” he says. “It helps people navigate that very difficult decision and navigate the unknown pathway that one has to take to leave clinical medicine or academic science and go to another profession.”

Naveen Yalamanchi, MD, joined the Drop out Club after doing one and a half years of an orthopedic surgery residency. “The science of medicine has been a huge attraction for me, but it was pretty clear that I could be most additive to medical profession by researching innovation and helping and supporting companies and entrepreneurs, rather than operating on X number of hips and knees every week,” explains Yalamanchi of his transition. Through his Drop Out Club networking, Yalamanchi received guidance on strategies to approach the next stage of his medical career, from fellow Drop Out Club physicians who were already thriving in non-clinical careers. Yalamanchi now taps into his medical training to advise hedge funds with a focus on publicly traded companies that advance health care innovations, transformative drugs, therapies, and technologies.

Stanford trained Mark Breidenbach, Ph.D, landed a position as a Managing Director & Senior Health Care Analyst for a small boutique investment bank after responding to a Drop Out Club website job posting. In this position, Breidenbach studies early stage biotech companies and makes recommendations to institutional investors. “That’s pretty different from what I thought I would be doing when I entered my graduate program way back when!”

Sharon Marable, MD, MPH, FACP

Sharon Marable, MD, MPH, FACP

    Sharon Marable, MD, MPH, FACP is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician who is interested in health care innovations in population health, chronic disease management and clinical quality improvement, particularly for underserved & disparate populations. Marable has also served as a medical and health policy consultant for charitable foundations, legislators and government entities. She is the Vice-Chair of the Massachusetts Medical Society’s Committee on Diversity in Medicine and a member of the Society’s Committee on the Quality of Medical Practice. Marable’s joys outside the field of medicine include pilates, fitness, reading inspirational books and raising her godson.

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