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Top 5 Reads of the Week

Advancing International Mental Healthcare: The World Bank and the World Health Organization are working to prioritize mental health on the international development agenda. Doctors, government officials and aid groups convened in Washington this week to discuss mental health interventions in developing countries, and the potential economic returns of investing in treatment programs. According to the New York Times, researchers believe that “an investment of $147 billion in treatment for these common mood disorders would result in some $400 billion in returns.” (New York Times)

Implantable Technology Allows Quadriplegic Man To Regain Movement: This week, Nature published the findings of a study which details the successful reanimation of a 24 year old quadriplegic patient. Surgeons implanted electrodes into the participant’s motor cortex that detect brain activity associated with the intention to move. This information was then decoded and transmitted via machine learning algorithm to a sleeve around participant’s forearm that simulated and contracted his muscles, allowing him to pick things up and play a guitar-based video game. (Nature)

Napster Co-Founder Sean Parker Donates $250M to Cancer Immunotherapy Research: The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy hopes to foster collaboration between 300 researchers at five academic institutions leading the way in immunotherapy research. The funding will allow researchers to pursue longer term, more radical projects. (New York Times)

The CDC Confirms Link Between Zika and Serious Birth Defects: After a careful review of existing research, the CDC confirmed that there is conclusive evidence linking the Zika virus to serious birth defects such as microcephaly. (Washington Post)

Cleveland Clinic, CVS MinuteClinic and American Well Team Up to Expand Telehealth Services: Cleveland Clinic is offering telehealth consults to customers at a CVS MinuteClinic in Ohio. Boston-based American Well will be providing the back-end technology. (Fast Company)

Bonus Read: Six months after Boston Globe’s Spotlight team reported on a controversial concurrent surgery policy at MGH, the American College of Surgeons has issued new guidelines. (Boston Globe)

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