The 2016 MedTech Boston 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators

Andrew Miller, PhD
Venture Partner at PureTech, Co-Founder & COO at Tal Medical, VP of Strategy & Operations at Karuna Pharmaceuticals, COO at Entrega
Andrew Miller, PhDWith a resume like Dr. Andrew Miller’s—Venture Partner at PureTech, and COO of not one, but two companies—it’s no surprise that he made our 40 under 40 this year.

Described as a “whip-smart” entrepreneur with “an immense depth of knowledge” by his colleagues, Dr. Miller began his career in healthcare as a PhD in Chemical Engineering at MIT. “Being part of a culture at MIT that fostered big ideas, paradigm changing ideas, helped to forge my interest in pursuing a career in healthcare focused on innovation,” says Miller. “The challenge of trying to tackle big and difficult problems has always been a real motivator for me—and healthcare certainly has plenty of those.”

At PureTech, Miller was given the opportunity to combine his background in science with his interest in innovation. As a Venture Partner, Miller identifies and nurtures innovative healthcare ideas and develops strategies for new technologies.

As COO of Tal Medical, Miller innovates in the mental healthcare space. “Despite having a number of treatment options available, the depression market is extremely underserved and is the second leading cause of disability in the US,” explains Miller. “Having a clear understanding of the unmet need in the space and what approaches were being pursued for new treatments gave me the foundation to identify true innovation.”

Tal Medical uses low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS) technology to treat psychiatric disorders. One of the major draws of LFMS is that it has demonstrated a clinically meaningful therapeutic effect almost immediately after treatment, unlike existing antidepressant drugs, which require 4-10 weeks weeks before therapeutic benefit is achieved. “This rapid onset could be particularly beneficial for acutely depressed patients who are experiencing substantial disability or those with suicidal ideation,” says Miller.

MedTech Boston Staff

    Abigail Ballou, Alexandra David, Shreya Iyer and Casey Nugent contributed to this story.

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