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A Sneak Peek at the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT

On Thursday, Dr. Jennifer Joe, CEO & Founder at Medstro.com and Editor-in-Chief & Founder at MedTech Boston will be speaking at Health Data Management’s Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT in Boston.

There is currently a gender crisis in medicine, specifically in digital health. According to a 2015 HIMSS report, only 14% of females reported being in senior management or executive roles in healthcare IT, compared to 31% of males. The same report also highlights a significant wage gap, with males earning $24,000 more per year than their female counterparts.

Jennifer-Joe-150x150But there are also indications that things are on the upswing for women working in digital health. Although the majority of funded digital health CEOs are male, women led 29 of the companies funded in 2015—nearly doubling the number of female CEOs in the sector in 2014. In her keynote, Joe plans to discuss the ways in which we can foster this momentum by creating work and innovation environments where women’s ideas are heard and valued.

As the founder and CEO of Medstro, Joe has experienced first hand the more insidious means of undervaluing the ideas of women in the workplace and is committed to creating safe spaces for female innovators. The Medstro Challenge platform, for example, reimagines the traditional hackathon by creating a supportive environment designed specifically so that the voices of female innovators will be heard. And the results are striking; across all of the challenges, 50% of the total winners have been women.

Click here learn more about the conference and how Dr. Jennifer Joe is tackling the gender problem in healthcare.

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