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May Funding Roundup

Happy June, everyone! Once again we’re back with a list of last month’s most important med tech funding deals.

Local Companies:

Allurion Technologies, $6M Venture (Wellesley, MA): Procedureless gastric balloon for weight loss.

Transmedics, $51.2 Private Equity (Andover, MA):  “A portable warm blood perfusion system that allows for a new type of organ transplant, called a living organ transplant.”

LumiCell, $6.77M Venture (Wellesley MA): An interoperative imaging system that gives surgeons real-time visual feedback and single cancer cell detection during cancer removal surgery. 

Devices, Etc.

Cerebrotech Medical, $3.47M Venture (Pleasanton, CA): “Noninvasive, continuous monitoring for early detection of cerebral bleeding and edema.”

Heartflow, $99.93M Venture (Redwood City, CA): “HeartFlow operates a service business that processes Computed Tomographic (CT) imaging to generate 3D models of patients’ coronary arteries for physicians’ use.”

Helius Medical Technologies, $3.04M Post IPO Equity (Newtown, PA): “Through collaboration with distinguished research and production partners, Helius is developing and testing breakthrough technologies as potential treatments for neurological symptoms caused by disease or trauma.”

Providence Medical Technology, $2.85M Series E (Lafayette, CA): Providence Medical Technology is developing “a family of products designed for use in cervical fusion surgery.”

Behavioral Health

Regroup Therapy, $1.3M Seed (Winnetka, IL): “One click, HIPAA compliant video built specifically for mental & behavioral health.”

HingeHealth, $1.06M Venture (San Francisco, CA): “We use sensor technology, thoughtful design and the latest in behavioral medicine to digitize each facet of best practice care as part of a 12-week digital care pathway.”

WeCounsel Solutions LLC, $3.5M Series A (Chattanooga, TN): “WeCounsel is a HIPAA-compliant, telehealth engagement platform with an emphasis in behavioral health. Our comprehensive software serves as a turnkey virtual office for healthcare providers and businesses, complete with a custom video conferencing experience.”


Clover Health, $160M Series C (San Francisco, CA): “Clover Health is a data driven health insurance startup driving to improve the overall state of healthcare in America.”


Simplee, $20M Series C (Palo Alto, CA): The Simplee Financial Engagement™ software platform is healthcare’s first patient engagement solution unifying hospital and physician estimates, statements, payments, and credit. Since launching its enterprise platform in 2013, Simplee now works with nearly 900 hospitals and physician groups, and 5 million patients across the US representing over $1 billion in annual payments.”

Big Data, Analytics and Cloud

Apixio, $19.3M Series D (San Matteo, CA): “Our patented technology platform includes data extraction tools, a scalable analytics pipeline, semantic concept extraction, computer learning infrastructure, flexible microservice APIs, and optimized expert review workflows. These functions work together to provide better healthcare based upon analyzing and learning from robust individual profiles.”

CRG Medical, $2.5M Series A (Houston, TX): “CRG Medical is a Healthcare Information Technology (IT) company that builds proactive analytical systems to measure and drastically reduce vulnerability to patient safety threats in High Reliability (HRO) and Learning Organizations.”

Envera Health, $14M (Richmond, VA): “Envera provides clinical delivery and physician support services that range from advanced data and analytics, clinical decision support, remote patient monitoring, and innovative growth strategies that include preventative and disease-specific programs, scheduling and patient outreach services and network development solutions, across all payment models – from traditional fee-for-service to newer payment models based on delivering value and taking on financial risk.”

CareCloud, $15.01M (Miami, FL): “Leading the charge to bring cloud computing to the healthcare industry, we deliver an intuitive and comprehensive app suite to modernize physician practice workflow.”

Mediquire, $4.88M Series A (New York, NY): “MediQuire is a performance management platform that leverages data (clinical, claims, demographic and others) to derive powerful insights about operational and clinical performance gaps of individual clinicians and provides the tools to clinicians and patients in order to close those care gaps daily.”

Lumiata, $10M Series B (San Matteo, CA): “Lumiata is a predictive analytics company that leverages medical artificial intelligence to enable health organizations to manage risk and prioritize care. The Lumiata Medical Graph analyzes hundreds of healthcare data sets within the context of clinical practice and the world’s medical knowledge, and maps out insights on current and future health trajectories of individuals.”

MedCPU, $35.04M Venture (New York, NY): “medCPU delivers accurate real-time enterprise decision support software and services through its proprietary Advisor technology. medCPU captures the complete clinical picture from clinicians’ free-text notes, dictations, discharge summaries and structured documentation entered into any Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and analyzes it against a growing library of best-practice content, generating real-time precise prompts for best care consideration. medCPU’s applications include clinical and compliance support solutions.”

NobleMD, $1.45M Seed (Bryn Mawr, PA): “Theo helps providers better understand the full risk profile of their patients – not just what has been previously entered into an EHR or can be found through claims data. Theo captures information directly from the patient to learn and continuously update the patient risk profile, enabling the provider group to capture full revenue from each patient.”

Decisio Health, $4.5M Series B (Houston, TX): “Decisio Health, Inc. is a Clinical Decision Support platform designed by the clinicians, for the clinicians with a focus on providing real-time relevant data at the point of care.”

Healthcare Interactive, $3.4M Series A (Glenwood MD): “HCIactive’s advanced health planning solutions are powered by Healthspace – our cloud-based, integrated platform that offers detailed analytics and real-time reporting. Simplify health benefits administration by consolidating vendors, eliminating manual processes and leveraging a single system of record for all health plan transactions.”

Employee Health

Springbuk, $3.75 Series A (Indianapolis IN): “Springbuk offers a complete view of an employer population. The platform connects major data sources into a single warehouse for targeted engagement, predictive insights and real-dollar decisions.”

Wellth, $2M Seed (New York, NY): “Wellth works together with healthcare payors and ACOs to produce cost-saving behavior changes in their members through science-based incentive plans.”

Innovu, $6.92M Venture (Pittsburgh, PA): “Innovu empowers employers and their benefit consultants to solve complex problems associated with optimizing quality, cost and efficacy of healthcare and benefit programs. Our cloud-based Innovu Horizon solutions unlock powerful information contained in silos of benefits data, giving CEO/CFOs the human resources scorecard and balance sheet needed to make data-driven decisions.”

Medication Adherence:

WellFount, $3.21M Venture (Indianapolis, IN): “Wellfount is an institutional long term care company that delivers customer centered services using integrated tools and technology that make medication management more accurate and efficient.”

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