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Pulse@Masschallenge Is Boston’s Newest Accelerator for Digital Health Startups

On June 1st, MassChallenge hosted the ribbon cutting for its new incubator space, Pulse@MassChallenge. The 8000 square foot space, located in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, was created as part of the Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative, which aims to make Massachusetts a leading hub in digital healthcare technology. The Massachusetts Digital Health Initiative partnered MassChallenge with the City of Boston and the state government, as well as the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP), a nonprofit public policy organization that aims to make Massachusetts more competitive in national and world markets.

As part of the ribbon cutting ceremony, both Boston mayor Marty Walsh and Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker spoke, as well as Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg and MACP president Daniel O’Connell. All of them stressed that Pulse@MassChallenge was going to help start up digital health companies get off the ground. O’Connell also spoke on MassChallenge’s new $26 million accelerator venture capital fund which will go towards funding digital health companies starting in, staying in, or relocating to Boston.

“We have all the elements here in Massachusetts to be a leader in the [digital healthcare] space,” said Governor Baker. 

The accelerator space itself is impressive and fun, with swing sets and a pool table to help get creative ideas flowing. There are currently three companies working in it, and applications for the September-December cycle are now open. MassChallenge also promotes a mentorship program so that young inventors and innovators can take tips from people who’ve already been where they are.

Pulse@MassChallenge is an obvious way to get digital health startups excited about working in Boston, and to help put Boston on the map as a startup hub. As Mayor Walsh put it, “Boston is becoming America’s startup city.”

Casey Nugent

Casey Nugent

    Casey Nugent is an editorial intern for MedTech Boston. She’s currently working on her BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College in Boston. Outside of working at MedTech Boston, Casey enjoys drinking coffee, going to the theater, goofing around with friends, and hanging out with dogs.

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