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June Funding Roundup

Happy July, everyone!  We’re back once again with a roundup of last month’s major med tech funding deals.


Rubicon MD, $4M Series A (New York, NY): Telemedicine platform for connecting primary care physicians to specialists

Fruit Street Health, $1.4M Seed (New York, NY): HIPPA compliant telehealth software for lifestyle and obesity medicine

Retrace Health, $7M Series A (Minneapolis, MN): Provides primary care through home and video visits

Digital Health/Apps

Reflexion Health, $18M Series B (San Diego, CA): Digital health solutions including Vera, a software that uses motion-tracking technology remotely monitor the effectiveness of prescribed physical therapy

Farewell, $8.5M Venture (San Francisco, CA): 16 week program to help people lose weight and reduce the risk of weight-related diseases

Evidation Health, $11.6M Series B (Menlo Park, CA): Clinically validates digital health apps

Moving Analytics, $1.1M Seed (Marina Del Ray, CA): Mobile app for home-based cardiac rehabilitation

Myocardial Solutions, $4.02M (Morrisville, NC): Developing apps for the analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance images

Eaze, $8.32M Series B (San Francisco, CA): An app-based marketplace to connect approved medical marijuana patients to dispensaries

LEAGUE, $25M Series A (Toronto, Ontario): A digital health platform that connects users to a diverse range of health services

Hinge Health, $1.33M Venture (San Francisco, CA): 12-week digital care pathway for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders


NeuroMetrix, $21M Post IPO Equity (Waltham, MA): Develops medical technology for managing chronic pain, nerve diseases, and sleep disorders

Vital Connect, $17.98M Series B (Campbell, CA): Develops devices for vital sign and biometric measurements

Mendella Health, $1.4M Seed (Kitchener, Ontario): Developing biosensors for continuous and non-invasive monitoring

Terumo Medical Corporation, $17.4M Grant (Somerset, NJ):Medical device manufacturer

Soterix Medical, $2.5M Grant (New York, NY): non-invasive neuromodulation technology

SI-BONE, $20M Venture (San Jose, CA): Makers of the iFuse Implant System for SI joint pain or dysfunction

EarLens, $34M Series C (Redwood City, CA): Developing hearing aids

Viveve, $10M Post IPO Debt AND $15.5M Post IPO Equity (Sunnyvale, CA): Developing a device for the improvement of vaginal laxity

NeuSpera, $8.89M Venture (Santa Clara, CA): Miniaturized injectable neuromodulation devices

Nevro, $172.5M Post IPO Equity (Menlo Park, CA): Neuromodulation devices for the treatment of chronic pain

Flowonix, $10.5M Venture (Budd Lake, NJ): Targeted drug delivery platforms

Software and Analytics:

Vios Medical, $3.98M Venture (St. Paul, MN): Wireless software-based monitoring platform for care coordination across the continuum

Clarify Health Solutions, $2.9M Venture (San Francisco, CA): Software and analytics for more efficient care

OptiScan Biomedical, $29.47 Private Equity (Hayward, CA): Blood monitoring platform for ICUs

VII Network, $4.95M Venture (Washington, DC): Healthcare software platform for digital, personalized care coaching

Omicia, $23M Series B (Oakland, CA): Informatics, interpretation, and reporting platform for genomic sequencing

Cordata Healthcare Innovations, $2.09M Venture (Cincinnati, OH):Effectively manages patients through software applications and patient-focused models

Hospital IQ, $6.25M Venture (Newton, MA):Improves efficiency among healthcare professionals through a web analytics platform

Solera Health, Inc. $4M Series A (Phoenix Arizona):Uses technology to connect patients, payers and non-clinical providers

Tonic Health, $6.41M Venture (Palo Alto, CA): Connects a network of professionals to solve problems in the field of medical data collection

AristaMD, $4.6M Venture (La Jolla, CA): Building a “referral intelligence” platform to improve the specialty referral process


Titan Medical, $15M Post IPO Equity (Toronto, ON): Designers of the SPORT robotic surgical device for minimally invasive surgery

TransEnterix, $26.3M Post IPO Equity (Durham, NC): Developing robotic surgical devices


OvaSciences, $53.8M Post IPO Equity (Boston, MA): Infertility treatment technology

Strata Oncology, $12M Series A (Ann Arbor, MI): Tumor sequencing for late stage cancer patients

Third Pole, Inc, $5.69M Venture (San Francisco, CA): Tankless, electric nitric oxide delivery for hospital and home use

Imagen Technologies, $5M Venture (New York, NY): Artificial intelligence for medical diagnostics

PediaQ, $4.5M Seed (Dallas, TX):On-demand pediatric house calls

Kit Check, $15M Series C (Washington DC): Technology to help hospital pharmacists reduce kit processing time and cut costs

Singulex, $50M Venture (Alameda, CA): Immunodiagnostics platform

NeuroVision Imaging, $10M Series B (Sacramento, CA):Retinal imaging technology for the early detection of Alzheimers

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