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Fight the War on Cancer with The Economist


On September 28th 2016 in Boston, The Economist will host its full-day healthcare forum “War on Cancer.”Joining the publication’s senior editors are more than 200 research experts, industry and policy leaders who will convene to discuss the myriad challenges and opportunities in the healthcare ecosystem and prospects for the war on cancer in the years ahead.

This forum will provide the ideal platform bringing cross-sector stakeholders into conversation with each other, as well as forging new ideas and sharing the latest industry developments. In a series of panels and presentations, expert presenters including Sally Cowal, Peter Bach, and Roy Beveridge, to name a few, will discuss the cost components of cancer, drug pricing, policy making, health therapies and treatments, patient outcomes and more. They will answer:

  • How will innovation, and advancements in cancer-treating technology, be scaled across policy and the broader healthcare industry?
  • What can be done to wither away the financial barriers to access for many seeking long-term health management of this deadly disease?
  • Will new healthcare models emerge to help the industry operate at a more competitive cost?

These curated topics, and many more, will provide delegates the keen insight of nascent developments in the cancer industry. Don’t miss the opportunity on what critical next steps will need to be taken in this fight against cancer.

Click here to learn more and join the conversation at 15% off with code MEDTECH15.

Register here: http://bit.ly/29nyWWy

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