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Call For Submissions: The First Mile Discovery Challenge

Calling all clinicians and innovators! CAMTech and GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions are crowdsourcing critical primary healthcare challenges through a First Mile Discovery Challenge. We need your experience, expertise and ideas to identify the biggest unmet needs in primary health care that can inform the development of new solutions to improve the reach, efficacy, and efficiency of frontline healthcare workers.

The First Mile Discovery Challenge will identify recurrent burdens in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) with a focus on maternal, newborn and child health,cardiac care, and safe surgery.

Up to ten $1,000 prizes will be awarded for the best defined challenges. A follow-on First Mile Innovation Challenge will solicit ideas for innovative technologies or systems that directly address clinical or community hardships identified during the Discovery Challenge.

Competitive submissions will describe a specific “challenge pathway” including clinical setting, compelling description of the challenge, key actors involved, and the impact on patient or community outcomes. Compelling submissions will describe how the problem is currently dealt with and why the current solution remains inadequate. Register on the CAMTech Innovation Platform to receive an open call for submissions.

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