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July Funding Roundup

Happy August, everyone! We’re back once again with an overview of last month’s big med tech deals.

Proscia, Inc., $1M Seed (Baltimore, MD):Cloud-based digital pathology software.

Force Therapeutics, $2.5M Venture (New York, NY): Post-acute recovery platform for musculoskeletal disease.

Amedica, $12.7M Post IPO Equity (Salt Lake City, Utah): Medical grade silicon nitride for use in spinal fusion.

Genomind, $3M Venture (Chalfont, PA): Genetic testing for personalized medicine in psychiatry.

Bioz, $3M Venture (Palo Alto, CA): Search engine for scientific data.

Care Angel, $1.67M Venture (Miami Beach, FL): A digital caregiver for aging-at-home seniors. (A)utomated i(N)telligent monitorin(G) car(E)giving p(L)atform.

Nvision Medical, $12M Series B (San Francisco, CA): Developing medical devices for females.

MindCare Solutions, $19.01M Venture (Nashville, TN): Advanced, real-time x-ray imaging technology.

Sunshine Heart, $3.5M Post IPO Equity (Eden Prairie, MN): Developing a minimally invasive cardiac assist device.

ArtistaMD, $11M Series A: Developing a platform to improve the referral process.

N-of-One, $7M Series B (Lexington MA): Uses clinical evidence to analyze cancer test results and suggest best treatment options

Apama Medical, $9.03M Seed (Campbell, CA): Developing “a novel ablation catheter technology” to treat atrial fibrillation.

Consensus Orthopedics, $1M Venture (El Dorado Hills, CA): Designs orthopedic implants and joint replacements.

Clinipace Worldwide, $3.73M Venture (Morrisville, NC): Offers clinical research and strategic plans for medical companies.

Eyenuk, $1.5M Venture (Woodland Hills, CA): Computerized imaging technology to identify and monitor eye diseases.

Saykara, $2.5M Seed (Seattle, WA): Artifical intelligence in healthcare

InfoBionic, $8.2M Series B (InfoBionic): Remote patient monitoring platform to diagnose and treat arrhythmia patients.

Torax Medical, $25M Venture (Saint Paul MN): Uses magnet-based technology to treat gastroesophageal disease and bowel incontinence.

Entvantage DX, $1.45M Venture (Austin, TX): Develops in-office medical diagnostic tests.

Intellirod Spine, $1M Venture (Akron, OH): Developing wireless, implantable spinal strain sensor to assist surgeons.

CellMax Life, $9M Series A (Mountain View, CA): Developing tests for cancer detection and prevention.

Big Health, $12M Series B (San Francisco, CA): Creates personalized behavioral and mental health solutions.

Phosphorus, $10M Series A (New York, NY): Developing novel genetic diagnostic tests.

3Derm Systems, $1.66M Venture (New Haven, CT): High quality 3D imaging of skin.

Vytron, $49M Series C (Sunnyvale, CA): Developing medical devices to treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Saranas, $1.43M Venture (Houston, TX): Creates a medical device that “detects internal bleeding during catheterization procedures.”

Avizia, $11M Series A (Reston, VA): Delivers telemedicine solutions through HD, real-time videos.

Invicta Medical, $5.47M Venture (Palo Alto, CA): Creates medical devices for sleep apnea and snoring.

ImmunArray, $10M Venture (Richmond, VA): A molecular diagnostics company of chronic immune-related and neurodegenerative diseases.

UNYQ, $2.5M Equity Crowdfunding (San Francisco, CA): Makes prosthetics and orthotics more personalized for patients.

Marathon Health, $30M Private Equity (Winooski, Vt): Aims to help employers lower healthcare costs

TransMedics, $12,5M Private Equity (Andover, MA): Developing an ex-vivo organ preservation platform.

ESO Solutions, $17.66M Private Equity (Austin, TX): Software to connect EMS with healthcare systems

FlexDex, $5M Series B (Ann Arbor, MI): Minimally invasive surgery technology.

Docent Health, $15M Series A (Boston, MA): Helping health systems adopt a customer-centric approach to healthcare

Lemonaid Health, $1.71M Venture (San Francisco, CA): Building a telemedicine platform that would standardize care at a low cost

Adient Medical, $1.47M Venture (Pearland, TX): Absorbable medical devices.

Caremerge, $14M Venture (Chicago, IL): Uses web and mobile technology to coordinate care for senior living facilities.

Anutra Medical, $1.78M (Raleigh, NC): Working to “revolutionize the delivery of local anesthetics”

Joylux, $3.78M Venture (Seattle, WA): Creates “LED-focused medical devices that are transforming women’s pelvic floor health”

Azalea Health, $10.5M Series B (Atlanta, GA): Provides “cloud-based healthcare solutions and services”

Magnolia Medical Technologies, $13.8M Series B (Seattle, WA): Works to make diagnostic blood culture tests more accurate.

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