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Innovating for Chronic Conditions: Philip’s Innovation Challenge Update

Treating patients with chronic medical conditions accounted for 86% of U.S. healthcare spending in 2010, according to the CDC. Chronic conditions are common and costly, and many health technology companies are working to find technology enabled solutions that promote healthy lifestyle changes, monitor patients and prevent readmission in this population.

The Philips Wearables & Chronic Care Challenge is an open call for solutions that reimagine how care is delivered to patients suffering from chronic conditions. Submissions are open until 9/27, and finalists will be invited to pitch their ideas in front of a live audience for the chance to win up to $10,000 in cash prizes.

Four teams have so far submitted for their chance to win:

• Gene Giromini came up with the idea for SymptoMedic as a result of his own experience with Lyme disease. After being misdiagnosed by 7 different doctors, Gene put together a detailed visual timeline of his symptoms that ultimately resulted in the correct diagnosis and treatment of his condition. SymptoMedic is an app that aims to collect data on patients between doctor visits and prevent misdiagnosis.

• Praveen Meka, MD has conceived of a connected device to help the 30,000 patients suffering from cystic fibrosis in the US. The device, which looks like a comma shaped whistle, would measure CO2 levels in the breath which may be an early indicator for respiratory failure.

• 6 million people suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease IBD in the United States and Europe. Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, Carl Schoellhammer, and his team Suono, have developed a hand-held device that utilizes low-frequency ultrasound to rapidly deliver IBD treatment to the site of the disease.

• Luca Roberti, of the Italian Apnea Patient Association proposes developing a software that records a patient’s use of his/her CPAP machine, and that sends SMS alerts to healthcare providers.

Do you have an idea about how to improve the management of patients suffering from chronic conditions? Submit your idea today!

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