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Using Technology to Reimagine the Patient Journey

On October 17th and 18th, healthcare innovators are convening in Boston for the second annual Next Edge Health Experience Summit, a conference intended to address how technology enabled solutions can be leveraged to reimagine the patient journey.

The summit will hone in on the disruptive opportunity to seamlessly integrate technology—including telemedicine, connected devices, sensors, apps and cognitive technology—into a comprehensive health ecosystem personalized for each patient journey.

For too long, the patient journey has been punctuated by a handful of doctors’ visits, wherein physicians are challenged to piece together details of the patient’s health and health management experience at home. Now, with the help of technology to enable remote data capture, and real-time coaching, physicians are able to track patient behavior and health in-between visits unlike ever before.

Victor Morrison

Victor Morrison

According to Victor Morrison, Chief Strategy Officer at Next IT Healthcare, data collected between visits will allow doctors to consider multiple facets of the patient’s experience, suggest more personalized treatment plans, change behaviors in real-time and ultimately improve outcomes.

“We have to treat patients holistically,” says Morrison. “Technology will allow us to tailor the delivery of care to each patient’s personal journey.”

Well implemented technology will also allow caregivers to intervene in their patient’s care more frequently. “With technology, physicians can touch the patient throughout the year, and execute clinically appropriate interventions in real time,” explains Morrison.

The hope is that this holistic, real-time engagement will result in a new spirit of collaboration between the physician and patient, and will help to encourage behavior change that will keep patients healthier longer.

Consumer Behavior Expert, Philip Graves, one of the speakers at this year’s summit, agrees that implementing technology to encourage behavior change should be a major focus of the reimagined patient journey. “There is a fundamental conflict between what patients want — which is to get better — and what they do — which is (often) to indulge in behaviors that reduce their likelihood of getting well,” he explains. “Healthcare providers need to find a way to have patients adopt technology as part of their treatment…and work on making that technology a psychologically rewarding part of the patient’s life.”

The Next Edge Summit invites you to join them in their quest to reimagine the patient experience. For tickets and more information, please click here.

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