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The Videology Company Brings Medical Videos Into the 21st Century

Who doesn’t love a good video or movie? In today’s world, videos are one of the most important tools utilized by educators and students alike. YouTube channels such as Khan Academy and MinutePhysics have transformed topics such as math and physics from whiteboard-only topics into accessible, on-demand information. As healthcare continues to adopt new technologies to provide better training to budding physicians, it’s only fitting that medical schools also adopt videos as a powerful teaching tool.

The Videology Company of Boston is where those medical videos come to life. Run by a group of change makers with over a decade of experience in video—ranging from commercials to 3D animations to documentaries—the Videology Company now focuses “producing educational, institutional, and promotional videos for the healthcare industry.” Their complete projects, available on their YouTube channel, include a PSA about the human papillomavirus and how to put on sterile gloves.

The founders of Videology, Max Potter, Jorge Cruz, Brad Leyden, and Pablo Minier got their start in the Boston metro area, working at a surgical video journal in the Boston metro area. But as time went on, Cruz wanted to take his experiences in a different direction. Cruz had the idea to create a video production company that focused on medicine, biomedicine, biotech, and science as opposed to commercials

While in medical school, Cruz noticed something peculiar about training videos. “There was a lot of knowledge out there for medical stuff, with very crappy videos… and we didn’t get why,” he explains. “All these videos were saying a lot of important stuff but the quality of the video, the audio, the animations, was very low.”

According to Cruz “there’s no reason why medical videos should not look amazing.” With this in mind he started a company that aimed to creating demonstration videos and PSA’s through high quality, accessible videos.

So how does one of these videos get made? “We all have a specific thing that we do for the video,” Cruz explains. “I take care of the script and also directing the video, the whole concept. Max will take care of the production. Before we even shoot, Brad and I will have a conversation about the animation and what we build for this. And tying all that together comes in Pablo who’s the cinematographer and director of photography and we talk about angles and lenses and cameras.” And that’s just the pre-production.

Next comes the research and shooting portion. Cruz explains that without consulting doctors and having up-to-date information, their hard work would suffer. “When we have a script we have our medical advisors tell us if we’re missing something, or if something’s changed,” he explains. And then, finally, they shoot the video, add animations, and edit until the video conveys exactly what they want.

So what does the future hold for Videology? According to Cruz and Potter, commercial and educational videos for medical device companies, and possible even medical simulation videos. Why videos for medical devices? From a commercial standpoint, these videos are effective, according to Cruz. “What they have is a picture of the product and then a picture of someone holding it, and then 17 paragraphs in little tiny letters that tell you how it works. You can do all that in a 45 second video.”

And in terms of educational videos, Cruz explains that for pre-med students, videos can provide a powerful way of filling basic knowledge gaps and boosting confidence. When you’re a pre-ped student, explains Cruz, “you don’t know how to put on a glove, you don’t know how to work a syringe, and you don’t know how to do anything… Imagine 30-40 videos that you can look into and they’re 30 seconds long, 45 seconds long and you get an idea before you come in.”

Overall, the company is looking to maintain it’s four-person core, but take on ambitious projects. We’ll be sure to keep tabs on their YouTube channel when they tackle these projects.

Julia Karron

Julia Karron

    Julia is a 2015 graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she studied Psychology and Linguistics. Outside her work at MedTech Boston, she can be found playing ice hockey, cooking, and exploring the DC Metro area. Find her on Twitter @jkitsjulia

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