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Improving Patient Outcomes Through Data Exchange

Cambridge-based Foundation Medicine, a molecular information company that sells genomic profiling tests for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies, is leading a new data exchange partner program, the Precision Medicine Exchange Consortium (PMEC) to facilitate the exchange of molecular information and research and improve cancer care.

Each time a doctor orders a test from Foundation Medicine, they are contributing another genomic profile to Foundation Medicine’s knowledgebase—FoundationCORE, one of the largest knowledge bases, containing comprehensive genomic information and insights from more than 100,000 real-world clinical cases.


Dave Daly, Chief Commercial Officer at Foundation Medicine

“Foundation Medicine has this very rich knowledge base of genomic information and many of the academic centers have very rich databases of patient outcomes,” explains Dave Daly, Chief Commercial Officer of Foundation Medicine. “The primary objective of the consortium is to create a data exchange where Foundation Medicine can contribute HIPAA compliant, de-identified genomic information, and likewise PMEC members can contribute demographic, treatment and outcomes data.”

Seven institutions are founding members of the program, and participate in this data sharing platform. PMEC members can collaborate and mine and share their own data through the Interactive Cancer Explorer (ICE)—a web portal created by Foundation Medicine that acts as the foundation of the exchange.

Ultimately, the hope is that PMEC will encourage collaboration and contribute to an ecosystem that will make it easier to identify patient populations who qualify for clinical trials, help with drug discovery and drug development programs, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

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