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TMCx Opens Medical Device Cohort Application

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) Innovation Institute is looking for ambitious medical device startups like yours who want to advance their ideas toward commercialization, while also gaining expertise and access into the largest medical center in the world.

Our accelerator, TMCx, enables startup founders to tap into subject-matter experts across every facet of operating a health care business. Over the course of four months, startups attend a variety of workshops, engage with more than 120 advisors and network with 56 of our member institutions.

Some of our companies at Demo Day

At the end of the program, startups give their final pitch at TMCx Demo Day, an exclusive presentation to hundreds of investors, corporate partners, hospital stakeholders, media and other guests.

Being able to tap into nearly 10 million patients visits per year, our last medical device cohort of nine companies secured 27 customer engagements, including pilots and validation studies, and they raised $9 million before and during our program.

Want more? How about a highly-tailored curriculum that includes lectures, workshops and panels catered specifically to the needs of medical device companies, with input and participation from health care entrepreneurs, clinical stakeholders, design firms, venture capital and law firms.

Curriculum session in our classroom

Topics covered are separated into two tracks: Medical device technology and venture formation. Under the medical device track, you will learn prototyping, design for human factors, FDA regulatory processes, quality management systems, piloting in hospitals, engaging hospital stakeholders and the procurement process. Within the venture formation track, topics include business model and value proposition refinement, raising funding, financial modeling, intellectual property, and cap table and equity management.

We also have an expansive network of TMC clinical subject-matter experts, hospital administrators, industry partners, venture capitalists, designers and entrepreneurs. Startups also have access and exposure to our corporate partners to include Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS @ TMC, AT&T Foundry for Connected Health and the soon-to-be Johnson & Johnson’s Center for Device Innovation.

TMCx also provides a hands-on approach and support every step of the way. From day one, our staff become like another member of your team: Bounce ideas off of us, ask us to listen to your pitch or for some help with your product design and let’s celebrate when you score big with a VC.

Albert Huang, founder of Allotrope Medical

All of this is housed in an amazing workspace — TMC Innovation’s 100,000-square-foot campus. Startups have a dedicated workspace with storage, Wi-Fi, free printing and scanning and access to conference rooms. We also offer prototyping facility access, while both JLABS and AT&T can hook you up with with 3D printers and rapid prototyping tools.

What we’re looking for:

Companies that meet the following requirements should apply for consideration:

—You have at least one full-time founder
—Working prototype
—Preference for pre-revenue companies with previous pilots or early-revenue companies (but not required)

TMCx is looking for innovative medical device solutions, including, but not limited to:

—Wearables (particularly interwoven sensors)
—At-home devices (to include: diagnostics, monitoring, therapies)
—Connected devices
—Smart surgical instrumentation
—Microbial/Microbiome devices
—Pediatric devices
—Public Health/Humanitarian devices
—Obesity-related devices
—Oncology/interventional oncology
—Minimally invasive robotic surgery
—Orthopedic devices

TMCx will be conducting a national search for the best medical device solutions in development around the country. A Texas Medical Center affiliation or current Houston residency is not required for the duration of the program, but selected applicants will be required to attend mandatory weekly curriculum in person.

Application process

June 9, 2017 — First round application deadline

Final-round June 20, 2017 — Final round application deadline

Program dates

August 7, 2017 — Program start date

November 16, 2017 — DEMO DAY, Program end date

For more information, click here!

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